In a world full of pigs, be a human

In a world full of pigs, be a dove. Doves are majestic. We, as human beings, tend to give as much as possible from our lives to the ones around us. We demand so little when we deserve so much. Doves, and certain animals that are similar to them, are egoistic, just like humans, but at least they do it with grace.

Then, we have animals such as lions, tigers, and even bears. They are angry. Angry with the world surrounding them. Their selfishness comes through when they kill without remorse to feed themselves and their families. They don’t care about others’ opinions, they just deal with their lives as well as they can.

Dolphins… well, dolphins are something different. That is why you see them rarely, because, unlike the lions which are full of anger and remorse, unlike the doves who mind their own egoistic selves with grace. Dolphins help. They care for each other and they do help others if they are in need. If I think about it closely, they break the historical food chain where if you are at the bottom, you get killed the first.

Now, the real question is: Is it in your benefit to be a dolphin? Benefit… that sounds selfish. Because the one that is writing this piece is a human. Humans are one of the most selfish and ego-centered beings on earth. Without looking left or right, they will kill you to feed their family, but not as gracefully as a dove, and definitely not with as much anger as a lion. They will help you as the dolphins do, but they will help you only if they have something to gain from that.

Humans have been hurt by so many during the life of Earth, and they decided to get revenge by killing everything on the sides. Not as an animal does without tact and plans. Humans kill with no anger, but with desire. Humans kill with no grace, but with silence. Humans kill with no intention to help, but with the intention to be helped. Don’t be a pig, be a human. At least you know that, no matter what, you will be at the top of the food chain.

Hello everybody and welcome back to #alexjostories. It has been quite some time since I last posted an article on the blog and to be honest, I have left my passion for writing on the side for the last two years. I won’t get into details right now because I am preparing an article regarding everything that happened in the last two years of my life. A lot has changed! Now, I have decided to start posting here again so I hope you enjoy my stories and escape a little bit from the reality of everyday activities. Have a wonderful week everybody and I will see you at the next one.

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