Behind the screen, it’s just me: Ioana Alexandra Popescu, or as you might know me: AlexJo

I studied English and American Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Kent in Canterbury. My passion for writing started when I was in high school. One day my Romanian literature teacher came to class and proposed to the group to write a book as a collective project. That was the moment I discovered the unlimited possibilities of fiction and my first book ‘The Grinmore Journal’ was born.

Two years later, I wanted to create a place where everyone could enjoy the world of creative writing. In 2015 I created AlexJo Stories. My father was the one that mentioned the idea of creating a blog and I can’t thank him enough for proposing it to me. From that moment on, this blog and all of my readers have become my second family. I love to create new worlds for all the people out there and knowing that they relate to my work and enjoy spending a little bit of their time here makes me thrilled.

I hope that I will get more fiction & poetry passionate readers right here that will become part of the AlexJo Stories family. Thank you for being here and for being part of this amazing journey with me.

Happy Blogging and welcome to AlexJo Stories!