Red heart/Black heart

As I was wiping the dust off the marble railing, the thunder struck outside the enormous glass windows. I decided to have a comeback party. One step and another one and another one, I reached the top of the stairs. Once upon a time, this was a lively room, full of people, full of light and the music was blasting out of every inch of the walls. I left him… I couldn’t bear to give myself the minimum and I left him. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the person you love the most is not the right one?

He was so sweet, gentle, funny and most of all he had a part of my heart in his hands. I was right in this room when I saw him with her. She was beautiful. A piece of art. I calmly walked down the stairs to meet her, to touch her face, to unveil the beauty he was so desperate for. He was surprised to see me there because my flight was supposed to be hours later. I looked around them. Crystals, chandeliers, bottles of wine, and lighted candles. He used to do this for me when we started.

I approached her quietly. Her eyes showed something which I have never seen before in someone’s eyes- pity and darkness. She didn’t know. I slowly approached her. I touched her skin with the diamond he once gave to me. She was dressed in silk; purple silk covered in pearls, loose curls coming down her naked back. I circled her with desire as I once circled the cherry tree in my grandmother’s backyard.

The room was so quiet, that you could almost hear her heartbeat. I placed my hand right above her heart and I could almost feel it in my hands. Her heart was slowly coming out of her body, covering the purple silk with a red fluid. She started to breathe harder but slower. I watched how her heart was in my hands. Suddenly, he stepped in front of me and showed me his prized possession – my heart.

I put her heart into a box of black paint to get it similar to mine. She was bound to me for the rest of her life now. Both of us had our hearts black. Black with sorrow or was it black because of anger?

I gave it back to her as it didn’t belong to me and it didn’t feel right. I turned around to watch him smile. He had such a beautiful smile. A smile that could turn every heart he touched black. He asked for his diamond back and I asked for my heart back. As soon as he returned it to me I would start to paint it back red. I washed those marble stairs hundreds and hundreds of times before I felt like that room could see light again. So, I opened it again just to relive the happiness I once felt. The room was packed with so many people. People who knew about us; people who judged and who pitied me from the start but what they couldn’t grasp was the sight of him once more.

As the music was playing, with my back to the marble stairs I heard them get dirty again by the same wooden hill which made them dirty years and years ago. As I turned around to look him in the eyes, a shower of diamonds fell from the sky. He was walking slowly through the rain towards me. Is the person you love most not the right one for you?

Hellooooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! You were probably wondering where have I been and why I haven’t said anything in the last month. Well, everything was a bit crazy. School started…. and I had to deal with a lot of work. Secret: in order to have a quiet and peaceful school year, during august and the start of September you have to be on your A game. New students, new classes, new challenges but we are ready for an amazing year and hopefully is going to be as good as the previous one. Maybe one day, I’ll spill the secrets about my teaching experiences and some tips and tricks that work for me, but until then, enjoy this wonderful story about a…. well you’ll figure that out. Happy reading and I’ll #seeyousoon!

P.S. Let me know if you liked it and ….what is it about?

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