You weren’t supposed to be there. It was neither the time, nor the place for you at that point in your life, but she made you do it. So, you went because of her and in the end, you didn’t know if you regretted it or you wanted to be a part of it even more. She didn’t tell you much about the place you were going to, but the moment your car entered the domain you figured it out that it was a big event. People were dressed in impressive clothing with expensive jewels dripping all over their bodies. It was distinct from the places you usually went to. You were more the kind of girl that enjoyed long walks on the side of the lake on rainy days or reading in a secluded space in the middle of winter.

            As you stepped in, the place made you feel special instantly. The light which spread in the room through the crystals that were part of the chandeliers changed the people into something you have never seen before. They were art. They weren’t humans anymore. Was that even possible? Could someone change so drastically just by being touched by the sparkling light?

Moving firmly towards the impressive wood doors, on which were carved various elements and letters, you could feel desire growing stronger in your veins. Longing for more, longing for being part of that world, you launched into something truly distinctive from your life. Diamonds, fabrics of all kinds, the smoke of tobacco rising through the air and the soft, slow music spreading through each body moving between those four walls, were the first elements that made you fall in love with him. You didn’t see him by that point, but you were sure he already saw you coming in the room while walking carefully on each step.

            You’ve felt this once before and it didn’t turn out as you’ve expected. You were left alone in a world of expectations and unfulfilled desires. So, your first instinct was to go back the stairs you came in and forget everything about that night, but suddenly everything surrounding you… and him, froze.

            Nobody and nothing made a move for several minutes. It was like time stopped in order to let you observe in detail the surroundings. Suddenly you felt a soft touch on your right shoulder. His warm breath enveloped you and for a few seconds, it felt like your dress was nothing but a cover-up of your weakened body. ‘Have you met before?’ he asked.

            ‘Maybe, but definitely not in this life.’ you said turning around to finally see his face. His mimic was warm and welcoming.

            ‘You don’t belong here. You are not part of this world and you’ll never fully be part of this world, but I feel like you belong with me.’

            ‘I don’t even know you.’

            ‘You do, but as you said, you don’t know me from this lifetime.’

            The music started playing once again. He grabbed your wrist firmly and started guiding you through the crowd. As you got lost in his eyes, a certain familiarity installed in your body and for the first time in weeks, you felt like home. The crystals hanging from the ceiling started dropping slowly on each body present there. Your skin started glowing and the world which was so unknown to you introduced you into the power of crystals. It was just like a storm but this time it was taking place between the walls of a mansion.

            He turned around, his face approaching yours and whispered: ‘I’ll see you soon.’ And without any notice, you found yourself back in the car, moving fast towards your anonymous and boring life, waiting for the moment you will see him once again.

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! I don’t have much to say about this story, as honestly, I don’t remember exactly what was the reason behind it. It turned out being about something much more positive and much sweeter than I anticipated. The ending part makes me smile for no exact reason. About me? I am doing good, back home, waiting anxiously for everyone to come back and start our summer. Plans for this summer? Well, I have a few but I won’t tell you right now what I have in store. Hope you guys liked the story and I will #seeyousoon!

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