Airports: Windows can bend

Slow down… The Silence is entering the building at this moment and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. You can’t keep running away from it. The huge white ceilings, the infinite crowds desperately searching for a way to go back to their families faster, but you close your eyes, leave your things on the floor and imagine how the entire airport is empty.

It’s suffocating you to see all of them. Happy to travel, happy to see another place, happy to return to something that you, for example, do not have. So, you wait! It’s like you wait for the devil to make its move on humanity because you can’t stand it anymore. You wait! But there is something telling you: Get over yourself! Pack up those damn things from the floor, wipe your tears and move on, because you have a plane to catch. While you walk down those white long corridors you can hear him, your other self, telling you to run as fast as you can back home. Even if you almost give up, there is a sense of guilt that drives you further to the mentioned gate. The voices are suffocating you, but you can’t stand the silence either. Left foot, right foot, left, right, this is what your mother told you when you first started walking. Breath! You look at her and you see a deep smile in her eyes telling you that it’s going to be ok. You don’t have to worry, but then it happens.

You are in the middle. You can feel the earth pulsating into your lungs as you take your pack of cigarettes from the back pocket of your jeans. The moment your cigarette lights up, you look above your head and the airport ceiling is opening up. Does this mean that the Lord is telling you that you’ll be by his side soon? No. It’s not the time. You will learn to love and you’ll learn to be happy. This is just the discovery process. You can feel a soft warm wind touching your right arm and you know that there is someone with you. There is a presence in the airport.

The luggage next to you is showing your next move. Music. Move the walls, conquer territories, become the one that owns the plane and is not afraid of the meaning behind it. You take out your loudspeaker and you play the most intense yet soft song from your playlist. It slows down a little bit. The moment it hits that note, the infinite baby blue windows in front of you break, letting in a pink smoke. That smoke is slowly surrounding your body lifting you above the earth. You can transcend, you can travel, you can be more than a stamp on this world, you can become your own world. The sweet pink smoke is dancing on the soft rhythms of the music.


You are on the plane, on your designated seat, patiently waiting for the wild animals to make a move. You are once again lost in the infinite wonders of your idiotic mind. What is waiting for you there? Will something change and make you become once again the person you were before? Afraid… Don’t fall back into the fear of airports. You can conquer it. Flexibility can make the infinite windows bend, not break.

HAPPY 50 articles! AlexJo Stories has 50 articles. So excited for the future ones, guys! Anway let’s get started with the new short story right now. Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Easter has passed by so we are getting back into the business. This year I felt very different from the years before, but I had a really nice time with my family. I am still editing my assignments because tomorrow guys I have my last deadline from Second Year of University. Yayy! For now, here we have a new short story for you to enjoy!  


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