My favourite singers and songs

SING IT, BABY! Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! I hope you guys had an amazing Easter, now let’s get back to work right? I am still in Bucharest, enjoying my vacation until the exam period. Why did I mention exams when we are about to talk about an amazing subject- MUSIC. Omg, I waited for so long to talk about this. As you might figure it out already, I love music. Music is one of my main inspirations regarding writing. Music is a universal language and I love how it unites people. Either you go to a concert, or to a party or you just stay at home in your bedroom, music is powerful and it will make you feel better no matter what.

Today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite singers of all time and of present times. Also, I want to show you some of my favorite songs and maybe reveal why they are my top favorite. First and foremost, my all time favorite artist is… drumrolls, please… Beyonce! Well, I am going to be totally honest with you, the last album she launched Lemonade is my babe. I love ‘Formation’ and ‘Hold Up’, but my favorite song is ‘Don’t hurt yourself!’! Hahaha! I love that album and the symbolism it has. The best thing of all is that on 15 of June, I am going to see Beyonce in concert. On the Run II will be running soon and I can’t wait to go to the concert in London. Another artist that I love is Adele. Her voice is heaven. When she launched her third album 25, the entire world has collapsed. I absolutely love this album and my favorite songs are: ‘Water under the bridge‘, ‘When we were young’ and ‘All I ask‘.

‘The thrill of it all’ by Sam Smith is one of the best albums I have ever listened to. I discovered Sam Smith when I was in high school and I fell in love with his songs. You need to listen to the songs ‘Him’ and ‘Pray’, ‘One Last Song’ and ‘No Peace’. Glass Animals is another Indie Rock band that I love. I really like their songs because they are chill and happy. Yeah, chill is the word. No matter how sad you are their songs are genius. Now, when I write, I always tend to listen to their albums. I don’t have a favorite song from their albums and I encourage you to listen to both of them entirely. ‘Zaba’ and ‘How to be a Human being’. These four are the artists that I’ll never get tired of. I always listen to them. I know every single song, every lyric and I will never get bored of these songs. They bring me so much joy and happiness. Obviously, I have a lot of other songs and artists that I listen to. In general, I listen to Pop music, something that you can dance to.

These are some of my favorite songs from my favorite artist. You can listen to them right here. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do. Let me know which one you liked most. In the meantime, I am back in Bucharest, enjoy the break as those freaking exams start knocking on my door soon. I don’t know what happens to me right now, but I don’t feel good. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it will pass. Maybe it’s the spring weather haha! I hope you had a great Easter and if you have a break now I hope you make the most of it. Happy to see you back each day here on #alexjostories and I’ll #seeyousoon!


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