#Follow me – 12 Days in Greece

Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! No, I haven’t forgotten to post on the blog but I have recently come back from Greece and I didn’t have the chance to post anything because there was no internet, no WiFi that could help me even just a bit!  So, as the title says I am going to talk and show you some amazing photos of the amazing trip I just had in Greece for 12 days. Around spring this year, Gabi and I started talking about this summer. What shall we do this summer? The ideas started flowing out and our first idea was: Let’s go on a trip around Europe with the car. From this idea, the rest is history.

We came up with various ideas from going to Scotland to going in Thailand. It was crazy, but one night the opportunity for us to go to Greece came up and I couldn’t be more excited. So there I was with Gabi, her parents and some friends of their in the car going to Greece for 12 days. We spent our first night in Thessaloniki, then three nights in Athens, six nights in Lefkada and one in Bansko.

When we got to Thessaloniki it was raining the hell out and we weren’t able to see anything from the city. We went to have something to eat and that was it. The next morning we left for Athens. I have been to Athens before when I was around 7 years old but I didn’t remember much. Now that I have seen it again Athens gave e the impression that it looks a lot like Bucharest but sadly worst. Because of the economic l problems that Greece had over the last couple of years Athens has become a really ugly, dirty and poor city. Some parts of it, tho are really nice. We visited the Acropolis, we took a bus tour around Athens to see every part of it and we went to the highest point of the city where was placed a tiny, elegant church.

After three days of walking around Athens and seeing all the important points from the city, we left for Lefkada. If you don’t know, Lefkada is an island connected to the continent by a tiny bridge. Lefkada is a wild island quite big. Our hotel was on the top of one of the mountains and every single night there was a beautiful sunset that I didn’t see before anywhere else. We went to the beach and relaxed all day long. One of the days spent in Lefkada, we took a boat around the island and we made various stops where we had the opportunity to swim and jump from the boat. If you go to Lefkada I recommend taking one of this trips but I warn you: the sun will kill you! On our last day in Lefkada, we made a car trip around the island and we saw some beautiful places on the island and we visited the olive oil museum. At the end, we went to see my parents that came as well to Lefkada and we had the most amazing and fun trip with their boat. On our way back to Bucharest, we made a quick stop to Meteora. It is absolutely breathtaking!

Greece is a beautiful place to visit and you have to see it at least once in your life! I recommend the islands the most because they are much more beautiful and picturesque the Athens. Ohh and I almost forgot. The food, guys… the food is absolutely delicious. If you love to eat fish, you’ll love Greece simply for its food. I’ll leave her a couple of pictures to have a look at our trip and I’ll #seeyousoon! Hope you’ll like them!

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