#2018-The new AlexJo Stories

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2018 will bring each one of you happiness, joy and everything you desire. This year is a new one for my blog because I am officially relaunching it. I want to do it in a totally different and professional way. When I will write the new articles I want to do it with great attention to detail and I want the entire blog to be one tight thing.

I think 2017 has been a changing year regarding myself and also my writing. I think I have grown a lot as a person, I have matured and that’s why my writing has changed a lot. I decided to stop writing on the blog for a long period of time. I wanted to focus on other things and I felt like I wasn’t doing it with pleasure as I used to. My writing was turning into something boring and dull, so I wanted to do more practice and then eventually start it again. I think my creative writing teacher determined me to start writing on this blog again and I am really happy that it happened. Also, I wanted to start writing bigger things such as a book or a screenplay. It didn’t happen yet, but in the near future, it might be possible.









SO, EVERYONE, you can find me on various social media platforms because I want you to enjoy the magic of fiction through every way possible.


my blog account: alexjo_stories

my personal account: popescuioanaa


my blog page: AlexJo Stories


my writing blog: alexjostories.tumblr.com

my photography blog: alexjophotography.tumblr.com

I hope we can start together again this amazing journey and do bigger and better things here on #alexjostories! I will try to write as good as I can and post about two times a week in the beginning and later I might make it three times a week. So I will post on Wednesday and Sunday nights amazing and interesting articles. This week tho, I will see you with the next article on Thursday night and then on Sunday.

Happy New Year, everyone! Happy Blogging with AlexJoStories 2018!

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