‘Insomnia’ and my summer book list

Hellooooo! Welcome back to another #Bookstoread article. I know I have been exceptionally slacking in my reading process, but life has been crazy in the past few months. A month ago or so, I received this wonderful book called ‘Insomnia’ or in Romanian ‘Insomnii’ and has made me think about a lot of aspects of my life and about myself. A certain thing that I can tell you about this book is that it’s so relatable. Basically, this Romanian author Irina Binder has written this book, in the same manner, 20048789_1564543693587387_1013399677_oI want to write my book. She wrote a lot of short stories on the different subject, but most of them concerning life.

I received this book as a gift and I was really excited to read it. The first story I read was ‘Dark Chocolate’/’Ciocolata amaruie’. This story is so beautiful because it talks about how a person can make some things not necessarily desirable for him just because of love. It talks about real love and how a person can put himself in front of the other just to make them happy or protect him. It talks about how a man bought for his wife dark chocolate when he proposed because he didn’t have the money to buy an actual ring. He lied to her telling her that he hated dark chocolate just to let her have it all and enjoy it. He kept on buying for his wife dark chocolate all throughout their marriage. He was thinking that she loves it but after 50 years of marriage he found out that she never liked dark chocolate, she hated it, but she ate it because she loved him and that was his first gift for her. She saw the happiness in his eyes when he gave her that chocolate.

20068232_1564557216919368_1283461679_nLet me tell you something. I used to love cheesy romantic bullshit stories. They used to give me this beautiful feeling inside. I used to dream about those stories and how maybe one day this could become reality. I grew up and now I don’t like them. I would read some of those again just because of that feeling that they used to give me. But you see, this book, ‘Insomnia’ talks so beautifully about love and it’s not at all exaggerated. Throughout the book, you can read stories about love, friendship, hate, parents, God and so many more things that I find so helpful. It just gives you a reason to think about certain stuff.

I definitely recommend it, guys! I don’t know if you can find it in English. I am currently reading it in Romanian. Give it a try and search for it because it is worth it. On the other hand, I have been slacking in my reading process and I know it but I want to have a short list for this summer that I hope and pray that I will finish before the second year at Uni starts. So, if you are going on a trip or you just wonder what books should you read this summer I will leave her my summer book list.

  1. ‘Insomnia’ by Irina Binder – well I have to finish it first right?20068409_1564557246919365_1888658095_n
  2. ‘The Investigation’ by Peter Weiss – This is a play that I had to read for one of my modules but I didn’t so I would like to read it now.
  3. ‘The Book of Daniel’ by E. L. Doctorow – A really interesting book that we talked about in one of my seminars but as well I didn’t have the chance to read it. This and The Investigation are connected to the Second World War and the Cold War.
  4. ‘The Idiot’ by F. M. Dostoievski- This is a classic sooooo I really have to read it.
  5. Fifth? Hmm, I would like to read a romantic book just for the old times or maybe a crime book.

I hope you liked this new article and tell me what you think about this book! Have you read any of the books I have on my summer list? Tell me! I’ll #seeyousoon

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