The Traveler in a Glass Box

Hello, hello, everyone! Welcome back to #alexjostories! Tonight I have another exciting article for you. I am still in Canterbury leaving in 4 days for Bucharest. I am going back and I am ready to have an awesome amazing summer. This summer is going to be crazy! I don’t know where I will go this summer but that is a more exciting thing because wherever I go it will be great. I wrote this article in the Canterbury Gardens a few days ago and I hope you’ll like it.

Everything started with a blur right in front of my eyes. I was alone in a glass box in an empty dark room. The only thing that was in that room was my huge glass box. My huge glass box… it became my possession once I realized there was no way out. It became part of me. I was trapped inside and I couldn’t move. There were three stages that happened to me, since the moment I was trapped inside till the moment I literally gave up on everything.

19105206_1574529432588802_480365244_oOne: I started kicking that fucking glass. I thought that I could break it open and get out of that place. Nothing was happening. I was trying to break out… I was trying, really trying, but apparently, it didn’t matter.

Two: I started crying. Maybe someone was going to be good to me. Seeing me in such despair and so hurt by the situation, they would set me free. After that, I started to get mad. I was mad that this was happening to me and after all, there was nothing that I could do.

Three: I set down and I gave up. I started thinking about everything possible on this planet earth. I couldn’t move anymore.

Who closed me inside? Who would do such a monstrous thing to me?

19105097_1574530202588725_11864002_oI was sitting on the glass floor, looking at first at the bottom of the ocean. Yes, I was above the ocean. The first thing that came up into my mind was that they are going to drop that glass box into the ocean and I am going to spin and spin in that loophole for the rest of my life.Then I looked above and I saw this black void in which I was going to go in just a few seconds. Suddenly, a classical song came on, from nowhere. That sound that kept on playing and playing. Those glass walls were making me go crazy. There was somebody with me there after all. I was trapped and they could see my despair. They were enjoying it, seeing me like that.I looked on the sides. Left side, right side. Humans walking by me, looking through the glass of my box, but they didn’t do anything to help me. Nothing. They were looking at their phones, walking by with their headphones, listening to happy commercial music, but they didn’t see me standing there. They were in their own world and I was on my own.

19142040_1574537382588007_2051069815_nFinally, I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes and I started thinking. The last step that I could do in this entire mess. I closed my eyes and they I opened them slowly. What was in front of me? It was myself. I saw myself, I was looking at myself and I wanted to kill myself. I guess at the end of the day, I got myself in this position. I got closer to her face, I was looking at her and I asked her: ‘why?’. She didn’t answer. She laughed at me. I got mad. When I lifted my finger to touch her eyes she turned into ashes and I woke up.

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