The intense smell of freedom

‘When are you coming back, Ivy?’

‘No idea.’

‘Could you just tell me an hour? I want to know that you are safe.’tumblr_opc6kfqvPy1si0kwmo1_500

‘I don’t know an exact hour. We’ll see what the night has prepared for us. I will be safe and I will see you later.’

‘Who are you going out with, Ivy?’

‘With Chloe. We’ll be fine, dad. I have to go. Chloe is waiting for me downstairs. ‘

She said leaving the house in a rush to meet the night and feel again that beautiful smell of freedom. She didn’t feel that before. She didn’t know what it was like to actually enjoy the beautiful life she had in front of her. It was like she couldn’t hear the music before, she couldn’t feel that alluring beat of the bass inside the body. She got out of the building and then she saw that car. That car that had everything inside, that changed the way life was unfolding in front of her.

18944391_1564834370224975_1911592772_n‘What’s up, stupid? Are you ready for a new adventure?’

‘Always!’ She said while putting the seat belt on smiling. Inhaling that combination of perfume, cigarettes, and freedom in the small space of a black car. She turned on the radio and a delightful song has started playing.

‘What is the plan for tonight?’

‘I don’t have any idea, but what if we just go to the lake? Hmm, I took you there before, right?’

‘No. I don’t know any lakes in this city, but I want to see it. Let’s go, please!’ said Ivy

tumblr_ons4tuzLPN1s2clnyo1_1280The lights of the city were burning bright and the car was going even faster while the music was playing louder. That car had something unique that she named the beautiful smell of freedom. With a few money in their pockets, Chloe lit up another cigarette and she hit the acceleration. Faster, faster, faster into the night. The night was getting darker, the laughter was harder and Ivy closed her eyes just to feel that feeling again. She felt the summer air blowing in her face with the smell of the burning cigarettes. The thing inside that she was feeling every time she got in that car in the middle of the night was impossible to describe, but it seemed just like the feeling that she had after a storm has finished.

Ivy was free through the walls of that car and it seemed she had the same feeling after a storm stopped. She was feeling free, safe, calm, happy. As a bird flying over the ocean, as the waves were hitting the shore and in the same way, the singer hit the notes in a newly released song …

‘Ivy?! We are here!’

original‘Great! Let’s see where you’ve brought me. I had no idea that….’ she said going up the stairs after Chloe ‘Oh… my… God. This is absolutely amazing.’

In front of her was this huge lake and she could see the lights of the city in every part of the lake. It was like the city was built around that lake and everything was absolutely irrelevant. Ivy left her telephone in the car. She just realised that after years she is finally leaving in the moment. After years of being pressured to do stuff and after years of wishing that she will leave everything behind because she felt like there is nothing more to be shown to her, she realised that it was because she wasn’t free.  She desired so much to leave that city because of the people and because she felt like there wasn’t anything for her there, but now a lot has changed. She looked at Chloe, in her mind thanked her for being there, next to her and a happy tear rolled down her cheeck. 

She looked in to the darkness of the night with hope and promised herself that she will never let that beautiful feeling go away. The night was long and they had great things coming ahead to enjoy.

Hellooooooo everyone! I have this awesome story. I am so proud of it because I started it a month ago and now it is finally ready. After deleting it because I wasn’t ok with the way it turned out, now I am really pleased with the way it turned out. It is inspired by two girls that came together at the right time and have a long way before them to enjoy life and have lots of fun. I hope you like it!


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