Never ending trip: Uni Life-Year One

As the title says, this article is about the first year of University that has recently ended. I am back in Bucharest for the summer holiday. Well, if you look out the window right now, it doesn’t look like summer because it is f**king raining. But getting over this stupid weather, I want to write an article about this amazing year at university I have had and what an amazing experience it has been. I finished the first year of University on the 6th of June when I had my last exam and I realized then that it has been one year of living abroad, learning new things about myself and doing what I love.

What have I expected from this year at University? It has been quite different from the way I expected it to be but I can say that this year has been awesome. I have learned so many new things about myself and I started realizing stuff about the things around me. There has been some down moments and some amazing ones. I am happy with everything that has come my way this year.

Let me tell you some of the things I have been up to this year: lots of reading (of course) because that’s what you have to do when you study fucking literature, trying to do some actual writing (but it didn’t turn out that good, so…. no writing), went to London and to Northampton and to Dover (I wish I could have seen more this year. The place I know best: Canterbury) What else? I have been going to parties and I have been going out quite a lot (which was really fun) and I have experienced the ‘awesome’ pleasure of moving out of the house (not fun) This was just to give you a taste of what I have been up to this year.

Looking back at my decision to go and study abroad and the way I was looking at things in the first weeks of University makes me laugh at myself.  You can read my article from the beginning of this school year RIGHT HERE! At the beginning, I was so afraid of everything around me. I knew nothing of the system here and how things are supposed to go, but I made it. I want to share this with you, guys. The first seminar on Romanticism. It was crazy for me. Basically, I went there and all my colleagues started talking about literature and all these things that I had no idea about. So I was just sitting there, quiet and I was asking myself: What do I do here? I have never studied English Literature and these people know all this stuff. I will fail magnificently at this because I don’t know. I cried that day. What do I want to point out by saying this to you is that if you really believe in something and if you trust yourself even just a bit things will become better and you will handle them like a pro.

All in all, this first year has been amazing. I am really happy with everything and I want to thank my friends at Uni for this crazy year. I will leave here some photos from this year for you to enjoy and understand how this year has been. I’ll #seeyousoon, guys!

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