You can’t stand people, and this anger you have built towards them gets to the point of no return. Sometimes are just a few words that trigger you. Sometimes are the looks they give you that make you burn from inside out. It becomes draining and you try to suppress it because it’s not healthy. I want to help turn this velvet red rage that you have inside into something beautiful and creative. Transcend… evolve… change. Express your anger through art and not through violence because violence is never an option.                                                              

Close your eyes and free your mind of everything! Now, picture the person that changes bright pink days into deep black tears in front of you. What do you see? Is he or she there? As your expression changes, I can imagine that he or she is here with us. I can see her. Your immediate instincts would say crash it, but we’re not going to do that today. We are going to change everything into bubbles and candy.                                                                                             

I don’t know her name. I don’t know what she has done to you, but I need you to describe how she looks like. As you describe her to me, I understand she has grey eyes, short blond curly hair, and traits that show her heritage. Look on your right side? I placed a black towel there so that you could wipe every last detail of her character. Make her the woman without a face. Turn her into nobody.                                                                                           

You wipe her face easily and there is only a shadow left. Get closer to her and whisper. Whisper soft words filled with poison. Give her fruits that are rotten inside. She will never know what hides behind that pretty face of yours. The thoughts are endless. The possibilities are endless, but you need to look deeper. Let’s go for a walk: you, me and the faceless woman. I know you don’t want to speak about it, and I know you don’t want to spend time with her, but the circumstances have changed. Don’t run away from it, face the truth. What is it like to be by her side and know her true feelings about you? Does it hurt?                                               

Punch her! Don’t look at me like that! Punch her in the face! You turn around as she moves to face you. You get ready and I watch your fingers clench. Your chuckles get whiter and I whisper in your ear. I want to see her nose bleed, so you better punch her really good.   

But you are a weak soul and you can’t do it. Your thoughts wander, getting to a point where you as a human being could never go. I want you to realize that it’s hard to perform the destruction of humans. You surprise me the moment I watch your fist touch her face with power. I guess that happened because you couldn’t see her actual face. Wait! Let’s get back to it. Replay the whole scene once again. She is again in front of your face, but this time you can see her face clearly. Can you still do it?

You turn around and jump into a hole that gets you right towards the center of planet Earth. Away from them. Away from anger and disappointment. Who are you in the end? Do you feel like you belong to this world? Come back to me! I am still here, always ready to welcome you back into this diamond rain. You are running on a sloppy path through the diamonds falling right in front of your toes. Truth stops you by placing thousands of white strings coming down from the sky, forming a barrier towards your so-called ‘happiness’. Don’t you get it? You can’t escape the thing you hate the most. That is the reason why she will always be right there, by your side, to pick you up when you’re feeling down.

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