#UniLife – Second Year in Photos

Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! As it has been a long time since I have prepared for you an article with photos and since the end of the second year of University is coming close, here it is – University Life – Second Year in Photos.

This year has been much calmer than last year. I guess, it because we settled in. I loved the fact that in our second year we decided to travel. So this year has been marked with trips to Amsterdam, Manchester, London and soon we are going to London for a few days for the Beyoncé concert. Sometimes I feel like I have talked so much about these places that I have bored you to death. On the other hand, this year has been challenging for me as a person and maybe as a writer, but I guess I am coming close to feeling much better than before. Still, haven’t figured out where we’re going this summer, but one thing is for sure: I want an internship at a publishing house in Bucharest.

Also, very exciting news guys. I have decided to send my short stories to newspapers and magazines that search for writers and maybe I’ll have my stuff published.

I don’t think I have captured the entire essence of this year, but you can surely create an idea! Without any further ado, I present you my second year at the University of Kent through photos.

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