The Lost Soul

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Today is the perfect day for another short story article right here on the blog! My last assignment for my creative writing module was a 4,500-word short story and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I have written. This entire story is called ‘A Broken Angel’s Trip’ and it’s about this girl that wants to persuade a career in art but she doesn’t feel capable enough. She takes drugs to feel more comfortable with her future and also with her situation and has a revelation. Take a look at this paragraph guys! I hope you’ll like it!

I am an observer… that slowly drops his instrument into the dark green under me. That dark green welcomes me towards its wonders. Why haven’t I gone yet? I am writing my imaginative novel right now and I am not ready to end it so abruptly. I left my back free, touching the soft sheets. I could see myself surrounded by tiny sunflowers. In a moment of complete sobriety, I saw the actual grey sheets I was provided within that cheap motel. Disappointment.

I got up and walked slowly towards the corner of the room. While I was looking at myself in the mirror and I could finally understand the actual meaning of my current state. I heard three knocks on the door. I was holding my entire body in the small basin. Trying to move my heavy feet towards the door. Once I have reached it, Tom came inside.

‘What the hell are you doing here, Tom?’ I said leaning towards the wall I assumed was behind my back.

Once I started getting more and more pace towards that green void, my scratchy blouse touched the wall and I could feel the air coming out of my stuffy lungs with relief. While I had the impression of being steadier, my eyes gazed upon Tom and his non-stop talking. For me, it seemed like years have passed by, but he was in my room for only a couple of minutes. He was talking, but my ears weren’t able to hear anything he was saying. His blue shirt with white straps on it and those ugly pink Hawaiian flowers made me want to vomit.

‘Could you please get your shirt off?’ I asked trying to hide my eyes from his sun beamed shirt. I felt like my eyes were burning.

‘I never imagined this would be the way you asked me to get undressed.’ said Tom laughing while he started to unbutton his shirt. He didn’t realize it yet.

‘Please, I am not in the mood for jokes. Don’t you realize I basically left home? And all my stupid ass thought of taking from home was money, few clothes, alcohol and…’ I stopped abruptly after I realized what I was about to say. He didn’t approve of what I was doing anymore. We started this together. I smoked weed for the first time because of him. After some time, Tom wanted to stop, but I didn’t. Nobody actually did approve of this, but I kept telling everyone that this unwanted thing, this addictive drug was the only thing that provided me with happiness and actual joy for my daily miserable life.

Art brought me into this continuous loop of nothingness. I wasn’t able to do anything. I came to Los Angeles because I thought it is the land where dreams can become reality. Time passed by and none of my dreams were even close to becoming real, I realized that Los Angeles is the land of lost souls. Hollywood is insane. This is the place where I lost myself and I am waiting to get my soul and creativity back. When I left my home, I told my parents that I will make the most of this time away, but I was beginning to think that I lost more than I actually had.  

‘You did not! Tell me you did not take… I said that you were done with it.’

‘Shh, Tom!’ I said harshly while I struggled to get up from the floor. He looked at me with pity. That was the second he knew. He finally saw me.

‘You did it, Nina.’

This is it, everyone! I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to see more of it, do let me know! Have an awesome weekend and I will #seeyousoon!

P.S. My teacher told me that he found my story unsuccessful. What do you think?

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