No, I am sorry!

No! Ask me in a couple of days, please!

Nah, I am really busy right now!

I bet it’s great, but I can’t.



Is it hard to hear it isn’t it? To hear it again and again and again… You regret but they don’t. You look over your shoulder to see if somebody is left behind, but there isn’t because you are the only one whose behind. You look at them and you wonder: If I disappear in this second would they even notice the fact that I am missing? I guess not.

There is a small flower glooming right near your right leg. You look at it and it reminds you of the moment when you were a small kid. You got closer to the flower just to be able to smell it and feel it’s desire to be heard, to be noticed. Just like you. But before you can say anything to her, another ignorant human being is telling her no and steps right on top of it, destroying every dream the flower once had. Now, she is broken, she is wrinkled from that atrocious step and she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to restore her life.

No! someone screams from behind you, but you look at her and you whisper: You can do it! So you go on with your life and you keep on walking on the pavement that slowly transforms into a puzzle. A puzzle that at the beginning is black and white but it’s easily and surely transforming into a colorful rainbow puzzle. You wonder: why did I see everything with such dullness? Why did I focus so much on the ugly part of life when I could have lived more in the moment? You looked at the piece of the puzzle that was right beneath you and then you understood. You are the center. You are the one that projects the thoughts into the universe and the energy that comes and goes back and forth from you to the people around.


It’s not possible! No!

I am sorry but my answer is no!

I don’t have time right now, but I will definitely check it a bit later!

Then you could look forward and say. Ok, but no is definitely not my last answer. You can change those answers into positive ones. You won’t be able to change the person that steps on the tiny flower near the fence, but you can be the one that makes sure to not step on it. You step out of your house after another decline from the people around you. You start walking in the direction of well… nowhere.

R.A.I.N or could I say R.E.I.G.N. You can choose which one will depict the course of your life. Both of them come and go. Both of them produce the same sound in your soft little ears. The rain starts and you feel it burning the small spots on your skin. The rain stops abruptly and the stars appear in the sky, so there it is the answer to all those negative ones. Your star is burning bright and high in the infinite sky, so you have your choice between R.A.I.N. and R.E.I.G.N. and you choose reign. You slowly start to disappear from everyone’s life, you start to transcend into oblivion. Nobody will be able to tell you no again, but you will be able to look up to the sky.

Could you show that thing to me right now? I have time.

You smile once again and you give her the thing she desired.

Helloo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! To be honest I have no idea where all of this came from. Haha! I started it on the plane on my way to Bucharest and I finished it a few days ago back in Canterbury. I don’t know exactly if this is a fiction story or it’s just my thoughts projected more nicely on this site, but I will place it in the story category. I guess being an aspiring author I know how anoying is to hear no and mostly to hear it various times. Well, that’s the job!

I’ll #seeyousoon!

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