Bearsted Dreams

Helloo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! I am so excited to present you an amazing poem by Daniel Williams. I am so happy that he decided to take part in this and send me some of his poems. This is just one of them, but I have prepared for you a few more. So you need to keep updates always. How I’ve been? Well, my previous week has been filled with books, books, notes… one-word: exams! I did nothing exciting but read. Haha! Just read… Anyway, leave my exciting days apart and check this out.

Here we are, weak weekend,

got our shitty phones,

our dumbed down scripts,

just to make sense of the end.

Living in a handheld dream,

living just like in Cannes,

our own handheld dreams

over and over and over again.

Film dreams, film,

dream your bearsted dreams.

Is it any uglier?

Our in bed sex scenes.

G. with the Golden Hair

I play her back at night

just to make sense of it.

We looked so good

We looked so, so good.

Film dreams, film,

dream your bearsted dreams.

Dan is a 19-year-old creative based in Canterbury / Maidstone, who’s the lead singer of indie rock outfit ‘BONHOMIE’. As a side project, he enjoys writing poetry on social/ modern themes. He studies at Univesity of Kent in Canterbury. Thank you so much, Daniel, for doing this and being a part of my blog.

I hope more of you, aspiring authors out there will take part in this #alexjostories craziness and send me either your stories or your poems. I hope you guys enjoyed this poem! I loved it when I first read it!

Have an awesome week everyone and I’ll #seeyousoon!

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