Translucent Clouds

Helloooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Tomorrow, Gabi and I are going back to England and to be honest I am actually excited. On the other hand, there are some things that make me think twice about going back to England and those are my exams. Anyway, this spring break has been crazy and when I say crazy I am talking about the fact that I feel tired. There have been so many things going on that made me feel tired and always on the run.

Bucharest is a city full of life and there is no doubt about it. Haha! Also, guys, I am sorry for the crazy schedule and articles but when I am here, in Bucharest, I don’t feel productive at all. This is the last article of April and I am preparing a lot of new exciting articles for May so keep in touch and never leave #alexjostories. Without any further ado, here we have another short story inspired by our little garden in Canterbury. I hope you’ll like it.

You know, this is what you wanted! Don’t look at them! Look above! What do you actually see? Clouds. Clouds that are right there one minute and suddenly they disappear. Do you miss them already? Look up right now! What do you see?

A cloud shaped like a tiny turtle.

I know what it reminds you of… your father. Don’t look at me like that. We both know that this turtle represents the only happy memory you own. The clouds are showing you that he will never leave. There is another one. What does it look like? A pink fluffy flamingo. Hillarious, because you have never seen one. How do you know then? Oh, I remember. You drew one long time ago, but the sun burned your paper. 

Light up a cigarette and you’ll see how things will slowly change around you. No, they are inside. You are alone here. Just you are your transforming clouds. Do you still see those animals? They are gone now. They are gone because the wind doesn’t let them offer you too much pleasure.

You sit on an old dusty wooden chair. It was broken a few months ago, but you didn’t want to throw it away, so you fixed it. It was placed in the right far corner of your beautifully arranged garden. Did you think I forgot? Look near the wood fence. You placed your high candles there, that are dripping easily and constantly drops of wax on the green grass. Do you hear them? They are singing the most intense song. You’ve heard that song before. It was something that the choir sang at the Sunday mass. You love going to the church as it reminds you of him. God was there to help you, he wasn’t. He left before everything turned to ashes. 

Don’t play this game with me! You know what I am talking about.

Suddenly you woke up surrounded by rays of sunshine and baby blue bed sheets. You were once again back in Italy at that beautiful hotel and you could feel the presence of another person in the room. Deep down you know it was him. This time it was a ghost. He decided to leave you when you needed him most, screaming from the top of his lungs: I hate you. How does it feel?  How does it feel to hear those letters? One by one. H…A…T…E… You come back to your small garden and the everlasting huge candles. You close your eyes while you lean back on the wooden chair and think. Your thoughts are suddenly interrupted once again by the sound of the choir. Ohohooo Ohhhhhhhhoooo. 

I hope you liked it guys and I’ll #seeyousoon!

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