The lost thunderstorm

Him , 15th of November, 22:39, New York

The lonely thunderstorm…. The way the light comes through the deep dark sky is frightening. I have never imaged to feel this lonely, but I guess I have become the thunderstorm from earth because of her. I am at the window from my room wondering what is she doing tonight. Is she going out with somebody else? Everything feels different around the house since she left me. I have never imaged that this house would feel so cold without her.

I rose from my seat at the window ready to drink a big glass of champagne. While I was going downstairs the image my black piano appeared in front of my eyes and I almost fell on my knees because of the pain that has provoked me. That endless pain intensified now that I see her black piano in my living room. I called her. She didn’t answer me? Is she afraid. I want to change… I want to be better because of her but I guess all of that is in my nature.

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I drove her away from me because I was a savage. I did so much harm to her and the way she looked at me when she left told me that she is harmed more than physically. I harmed her psychically as well and I can’t forgive myself for that. I will never forgive myself for changing her with my fucked up soul. I am destroyed but her pure soul can be saved. She still can be saved from all that I have done.

The thunderstorm has brought to light my entire apartment. Where is she now?


Her, 15th of November, 22:39, New York

I ran… I ran as fast as I could from our house and from him. The thunderstorm is overwhelming.  I am afraid. This is the first time I am truly afraid of the world. While I was surrounded by him and his personality everything seemed much more easier, right now I feel like the thunderstorm is getting me entirely.

The subway seems lost as I am. I am lost through New York with no destination. All this people are sad. I wonder what happened to them. The pain I feel inside is consuming . Everything that I have is in the suitcase next to me and I can’t figure out where my life is leading. He was overwhelming, like he was ready to swallow me completely and I wasn’t ready to live in the shadows and in the dark .


When I left I thought that everything will become clearer and maybe I will eventually be happy, but I wasn’t. I was in deeper confusion and they way things were going on…. it didn’t help. I got out from the subway and then a thunderstorm broke the sky into pieces. What is he doing now?

Hey, guys! How are you ? I am really great. Tomorrow it will be one month since I moved here. It is incredible. I am starting to get more organized, I started to understand how things work around here at University and in England. To one thing I want to say about me moving to England is that I have never been a more prouder Romanian! 🙂

This article was actually a creative piece for one of my modules. Our seminar leader asked us to write a story which started from a trigger word and I chose: heartbreak.

I hope you like it and I’ll #seeyousoon guys! Have an awesome week! I am planning to have the most awesome, exciting week.

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