Things you will never guess about me

What’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting post.

So, today I was in such a confused space wondering what shall I publish for you and this idea came into my mind- Things you don’t know about me. It’s been almost a year since I started this blog -> and I feel like I need to tell you some of my secrets. After all, we all enjoy this space that I created for you and I want all of you guys to feel like you know me and it’s not a stranger who is talking to you. 

I have always said to myself that I am boring. Well, I never said it in the wrong kind of way. I love my life. I enjoy it and I am happy, but I always felt like the things I enjoy most aren’t typical for a teenager. So my first question that popped into my mind was: Do I do things which I enjoy that people probably won’t expect me to do? Well, I kinda do.

My readers! Do you remember my interview with myself? It’s one of the first posts on the blog.There you could find some of the things you don’t know about me and now I am going to tell you brand new ones.

1.I enjoy being alone (to a certain extent)

 Let me explain this to you. I am a reader and a writer which explains most of it. I love the people that are around me, all my friends. No doubt about that, but whenever I have the opportunity to spend some time with myself I do it and I enjoy the most of it. I find this pleasure of mine really odd, but if I stay to much around people, like excessive much, I tend to get angry and bothered, so when that happens I lock myself just for a little bit.

2.I adore Superman kinda movies and movies where I cry my heart out

Come on! Who doesn’t love the Avengers movie? Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, this are the base of everything, loves. And those romantic movies where they discover they can’t be together or something happens. Well, I love those kinds of movies where I cry from the beginning till the end.

3.I hate hot weather

I am the kind of girl that loves rain and autumn. When I see that the outside weather is a leather jacket and jeans kind of weather my heart is jumping out of my chest. I am so happy with the cold weather. 

4.I am obsessed with keeping my books as perfect as possible

I lend books that I own, but I don’t like to lend them for a long period of time because I feel like I won’t get them back. I love my books. I know I am obsessed. I also hate to destroy parts of them like the cover or some pages. I hate that. If you’ll ever borrow a book from me, keep that in mind. Wink! Wink! 

5.I love the color black

When the cold weather comes in town you’ll see me dressed only in black. I don’t feel good in other colors. I feel more confident in black clothes. I really don’t know why. I hate summer because I like can’t wear black and you’ll see me in light blue and maybe some white.

6.I like receiving letters

When I was in the 6th grade I think, I told my best friend that I would love to receive letters. I loved the 18th century and I wanted to receive letters from somebody, so she proposed to me a deal. Every week we shall write to each other a letter. Now, I have like ten letter that I received from here from that period of time. I would love to receive letters now as well.

7. I am in love with castles and monarchy stuff

Since I was a litter girl I was in love with the idea of princesses and castles. When I grew up I went for the first time in the United Kingdom and I fell in love with the idea of monarchy and what they do. I found so interesting the way English people were talking about their queen. They were so proud to have a queen. In Romania, we had a monarchy but for a short period of time and I think that was so amazing. I basically watch every single move of European monarchies. Upsie!

8.I don’t like to go to the club 

This is not what a teenager would often say. Well, I go to the club from time to time. I like the music but I will never say it’s my go-to thing. Between a night out at a nice pub with a drink in my hand and a night in the club, I would choose the first one. I don’t know why I don’t enjoy it as much as usual teenagers do but I go from time to time. You’ll never hear me say: Hey do you want to go to the club? But if someone says I will think about it.

9.I love music

When I say I love music, I mean the fact that I know things from what are the things you need in a concert to what it takes to record an album. I know everything. Since I was 16 years old I found the music industry really interesting because it’s so detailed and so business-like. I have like tonnes of albums and I have more than 10.000 songs on my computer.

I think these are the things that you will have never guessed about me. It took me some time to get every single one because I never thought about it before. I hope you guys like it. I loved to write this for you and I would like to know more things about you. P.S. My bestie is living tomorrow for University in Amsterdam. I will miss her so much I can’t take it. 

#seeyousoon, guys

Kisses, AlexJo

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