October & Rupi Kaur Poems

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You might have heard or not about an awesome poet – Rupi Kaur. She is an Indian born Canadian poet and she is mostly known for her poetry book ‘Milk and Honey’. I heard about her from Alice. She had her poetry book and was reading it a few months ago and now I wanted to read some of her work. As I was trying to decide what should I do this month for poetry and I kept reading her poems, I found her work really inspiring and I decided to write about her and some of her poems.

Her writing style is different than what I have read before. She writes short poems, really short poems that are accompanied by her own illustrations. To be honest, I hate poetry. I mean I don’t hate it, but I don’t enjoy it because it feels like I don’t understand it. Poetry has become this writing style that has become more and more ‘creative’ hard to understand for people that don’t have literature as a job or don’t study it. Rupi Kaur makes this easier and creates these short poems that are relatable and with an easy choice of words in order for all people to understand. She debates and creates her poetry along problems and ideas typical for 20th Century. I consider her poems suitable for all ages from youngsters to adults and old people.

I will leave around here a couple of her poems. Do buy her book because it is a really special piece and you easy to read which I think it is the most important thing. The poems I chose to publish here are the ones I loved the most. If you want to find more of her poems just search Rupi Kaur on google and you will find lots of them. In the meantime, I am working on my long project, hopefully, will turn out as amazing as I wish. After I get my grade and I pass I will give you a glimpse of my work. Until the next article, I hope you guys have an awesome time and I will #seeyousoon!

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