The Publishing World

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Today I want to talk to you about the publishing world and how everything goes. We are going to learn together about this world. I don’t know much about it myself but we are going to discover them one by one. I think that every aspiring author and not only them know deep down that getting into the publishing world and having your work published is hard. Because there are thousands of people that write, the publishers and editors are really selective about the work they are going to publish.

Before thinking directly about publishing your book, you should go ahead and try to publish short stories. I started doing this because it is easier to control a story if it is shorter. It is easier to edit and proofread the entire thing than an entire book so you raise the chances you have of getting your work published. There are a few sites where magazines and different publisher post their requirements and give you the opportunity to publish. You can check those sites RIGHT HERE and HERE! I believe they are really helpful as well and regarding this subject, you need to read more. Read everything regarding this subject to expend your knowledge and be sure.

Things you need to know if you want to publish

  1. You write and you edit – Obviously, before publishing and transforming a manuscript in a book, you have to have an idea, write it down and put it magically and after that edit, edit edit. Your idea isn’t important unless you write it in the perfect manner and everything is ok.
  2. Present your manuscript to a literary agent – Every author, after they finish their manuscript, their next job is to find a literary agent and show them their work. Once a literary agent accepts your manuscript is his job to present it further to publishing houses, basically he has to sell it further. This is the hardest part of getting your book published. You have to trust your idea and visualize your manuscript turning easily into a book.
  3. Getting the word out about your book – There is not much to say about this. The world needs to know who you are and what you have been doing in the past in the literary world. Quotes, previous books, and works.

The hardest thing to do as an aspiring author is to find a literary agent and a publishing house that is going to accept your manuscript. Once you have your first book published, things are going to go easier and you will already have relations at the publishing houses. Every year or every two years after you published your book they expect a new one. You will have a deadline. Of course, there is a possibility to publish your work easier as Amazon launched this program (if I can call it like that) which gives you the possibility to publish your own work for free without any agents and without being refused by publishing houses. Authors have been complaining that it’s hard to get people to look at your work in the literary world so, various websites and publishing platforms started this program to publish your work for free on your own.

Believe in what you write guys because that is the most important aspect. Publishing is just a step that will be overpassed. You just need a good idea and lots of patience. I hope you guys found this article a little bit helpful. To be honest I don’t know many insights and things to tell you about the publishing world. As I told you at the beginning of the article, we are learning things together. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I will #seeyousoon!


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