The Highs & The Lows

Once upon a time, there were two brothers living together alongside their parents in a huge mansion in the south of Italy. The boys wanted it all and they could have it all. Looking over the Mediterranean sea from the balcony of their mansion they could see all the possibilities and all the ways in which they could conquer the world. They trusted each other. They were each other’s best friend and knew that no matter what happened they would be there for each other.

Gabriele was the rational one. He wanted to settle down after some time and to be able to provide his family with everything that they desired. Everything that Gabriele wanted to accomplish, he wanted to accomplish through hard work. Matteo, on the other hand, was the crazy one with outlandish ideas and desire to have the most extravagant and extraordinary life. It didn’t matter the way he was going to accomplish things as long as he eventually had them.

‘Matteo! Matteo! Goddamit, Matteo, where are you?’ said Gabriele with anger in his voice that could not be compared to anything. He never sounded so angry in his life. Matteo was sleeping in his room, with a girl right by his side, trying to recover after a long night. Gabriele entered the room and hit the walls as hard as he could in order to wake up his brother. As soon as Matteo opened his eyes, Gabriele threw a bunch of papers right on his face.

‘Are you a complete idiot?’ said Gabriele, looking as he was ready to kill his brother.

‘Are you mad, brother?’ whispered Matteo, barely waking up from his sleep. Before looking at the papers thrown in his face, he woke up the girl next to him and send her off before she could say anything.

‘What are these?’ he said looking closely at the papers.

‘You must be kidding me. You MUST be kidding me. Did you sell our shares?’

Matteo started laughing as soon as Gabriele mentioned selling. ‘Oh! Yes! We’re going to make more money out of it eventually, you see. I have a plan. We’re going to throw a party. ’ Gabriele’s eyes got bigger realizing that all his brother taught about were parties and schemes to make more money.

‘You are always doing this…’

‘Sorry, brother? I didn’t hear you.’

‘I said that: you are always doing this!’ and without any words, he left the room and the next time Gabriele saw his brother was at the mysterious party he was throwing. Music was flowing up the air, expensive perfume, expensive fabrics, a party that truly nobody could forget. Matteo was downstairs entertaining ‘important people’. Gabriele was in his office trying to figure out how to redeem everything his brother destroyed through the normal conventional way. Gabriele’s fiancé came into the office to help and calm him.

‘Why aren’t you coming downstairs, my love? ’

This! All of this is complete bullshit! It’s like he is on a path to destroy everything that we accomplished. I know you came here to make me change my mind but he always did this. Parties, craziness, spending money without thinking and to be honest I can’t do this anymore.’

‘He’s your brother! You always trusted him, through highs and lows. You know what he is capable of. What happened?

We are almost 30 years old. He is the bigger one and he doesn’t get it… We need to do something else with our lives. Work for it.’

‘But… as long as you both getting the things you wanted, why does it matter the way you are getting them?’ After she said this aspects, Gabriele started thinking. He never questioned his brother with anything, even through highs and lows.

Helloo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Officially this is the last article of July, the second month of summer. I am excited because in a short period of time it’s going to be my birthday. I will be officially 21 years old and I am really excited, I guess. Haha! I hope you guys loved this short story. It was inspired by the last months. I won’t say anything more. I hope you guys have an awesome week, enjoy your time to the fullest. I’ll #seeyousoon!

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