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Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Let’s dive right in the second month of summer with an exciting new list of books. As I haven’t read something related to literature in the last time, I wanted to present to you my list of books that I want to read in the future and those that I am currently reading. Officially, my literature teacher sent me the list of books I have to purchase and of course read for my Postcolonial literature class and I have to also read various books for my creative writing long project. So, I have a wide range of books that might sound interesting to you and that we can read together along the way.

Nowadays, due to the pressure of society and the constant idea to be positive and happy on social media, we lack actual positivity in our lives. So, I have decided, after Gabi told me, to read some books about spirituality and how to raise your vibrations. There are various methods for you to expand your positivity, but leaving the books aside it has to come from inside. You need to wish to have a great time and enjoy every single day that you have no matter what because time goes by really fast and I bet none of us want to regret it. You can find them in Romanian and English. If you search them on Kindle Amazon you can find them at a really good price.

So, here I have to you some books that teach you various methods to raise your vibrations:

  1. Zero Limits – this is an amazing book that teaches you how to practice and raise your vibrations by using a Hawaiian method called: Ho’oponopono. I encourage each one of you to read it because it is a really helpful book. If I feel anxiety or if I feel stressed this book calms me just by reading it. I don’t want to tell you more about it because I will ruin the whole book. Check it out, guys!
  2. Traditional Reiki – Well, this is a book also about vibrations and the connection to the self. I don’t know much about it, so I don’t want to talk stupid things about it and ruin the potential readers and people that are interested in it. I want to read this right after I finish Zero limits because I am really interested in this subjects and I do want to learn more about them.

I feel like in a world that is so focused on material stuff and with so many people around that are stressed by work and by everything around that puts lots of pressure these methods are a blessing and they do calm you and help you see the world in a different way, so do make sure to check them out.

Getting into the ‘serious’ book list, if I can say so, I want to present to you what I am going to read for my Creative Writing Long Project. So, in order for you to understand, let me tell you the area my story is going to be focused on. Basically, I want to write about the Harlem Renaissance, the Prohibition Period, positionality of the black people in North America combining it with the analyses and behavior of psychopaths. So here we have guys some books that I have recently found (haven’t started reading them yet) for my long project. If you are interested in finding more information about this stuff, do check them out.

  1. The psychopath: emotion and the brain – If you want to find out more about psychopaths and what does this mean this book explains really well what that means. I was able to read just a little bit as the final year essays were coming close and I felt so drawn to it because it talks about a subject that is kind of complicated and complex but in such an easy way to understand. The language is simplistic and you will feel pleasure reading about this. Trust me, this is definitely a must!

2. The New Negro – To be honest, I don’t remember very well what is this book approaching as a subject but if you want to find more about the culture of African-Americans and how the created this beautiful movement called: Harlem Rennaisance, make sure to check this one out.

Here you have it guys! My up next, to-go-list of books. I know that they are so different in subject matter but I am willing to learn and find out many things. I am currently in Greece, enjoying my time before I start my one-month internship! So excited to see how things will go over there. I’ll keep you post it! Have an awesome week guys and enjoy summer as much as you can because it goes by really fast. I’ll #seeyousoon!

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