Happy Birthday, Papa!

She was walking down the country roads which were surrounding her house. It was her father’s birthday and she wanted to make it as special as she could. The clock rang at 9:30 in the morning, she got dressed and left to search the most interesting and special present she could find in the forest. That forest was their special place since she was a little baby. Her father used to tell her stories about the fairies that were full of magic and how they gave him his precious little daughter, placing her right in a field of lilies. 

While she was walking down to the forest she heard a noise from the right side of the road and found a big box wrapped exactly like a birthday present surrounded by the same lilies. That was going to be the present for her father. He was back home making pancakes for celebrating. She was walking back with the huge box in her arms. She placed it on the side of the house in order for her dad to not see it and she went back inside. Her dad was still cooking, making his the birthday lunch as special as he could. 

While everything was being prepared, she started writing a little story for him. A way in which she could explain to him how much he meant and how much he helped her. The letter started like this:

Dear Papa,

Once every year is coming to an end and you change the last number in your age I want you to know that I am right here by your side, helping you celebrate to the fullest each birthday. This year has changed me and changed everything because of you. You helped me become the person I am today and you helped me find myself once again. Papa, I want you to know that no matter how sad I am, or how angry I am, or how badly I behave, I love you. 

Some time ago, I understood the power of learning and I understood that you have made me learn so many things without even telling me all of them. You made me learn by just giving me a look. You taught me how to smile. You taught me how to enjoy life to the fullest. You taught me how to find myself and accept myself again. You taught me what life means in the best way you could, but you have also let me discover my path.  Thank you for supporting every idea I had and thank you for letting me dream of whatever came in my mind. 

Happy Birthday, Papa!

You will always be my number one hero!

Got it right on top of the present she found in the woods and went downstairs the moment her father shouted her name.

‘Happy Birthday, Papa! This is my present for you! I hope you like it. I thought that it’s really special because I found it right on the spot where you found me years ago. Right between the lilies, Papa! And right here,’ she pointed her fingers towards the letter, ‘is another present for you.’ Her father looked at her with soft eyes and a little tear came down his cheek. They spent their day laughing, watching movies, eating everything they wished and lots of cake. That little girl taught her father as much as he taught her. They were each other’s best friends. 

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Tomorrow is my father’s birthday and this is a part of my present to him. I wanted to write a little story for him because some time ago my father said that when he was my age he wanted to write, but he never did it. I thank him for this gift and I want to thank him for everything that he taught me. Wish him a warm happy birthday, guys! Few more days and I am going back to Bucharest and my internship is coming closer and closer which makes me a bit scared.

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Have an awesome weekend guys, enjoy it as much as you can. Let’s see who’s going to win between Croatia and France at the World Cup. Who do you guys think is going to win? Let me know.

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