With love, for Europe

You appeared from sea foam.

The sun was your crown.

You were wearing the most delicate sand of the world.

You rose to the stars.

She is.

You appeared when nobody believed.

You gave hope to those who were dying.

You were reborn from the world of those who do not speak.

You gave life another purpose through love.

He is.

You met when nobody was still believing.

You loved each other like nobody else.

Even if everyone else was against,

you went through a lot together.

Through fire, hate, love,

Union, wars, plague

And many, many more.

Shoulder to shoulder.

You conceived a wonderful girl,

who grew up slowly, slowly under the moonlight.

Now she is a woman.

She started to be often courted.

From all around the world they come to see her.

Some of them, bolder, wanted to steal her.

Others, more gentlemen, wanted to take her as a wife.

Some of them came with a lot of gifts.

To adorn her just like at their homes.

Other thought she was a whore

and wanted to use her

but she resisted to everything

with the risk of dying as a virgin.

With liberty in her blood and with the cross in her hands.

With love in her mind and in her soul.

hoping that one dayYou receive them all at your house,

all of them will be united

rendering homage to your beautiful beauty.

With love, for Europe.

This month is about my super dad! This is his month because soon it’s going to be his birthday! I am super grateful for him and for everything that he does for my mom, my sister and I. This poem is written by him. When he was young he used to write different stories and poems but he stopped due to the fact that writing wasn’t seen as a serious occupation during that time.

Because this month he is going to be 48 years old and he stopped this dream that he used to have, I want to show the world his talent and what beautiful things he could have written if he had the chance. The poem I chose to show you was written initially in Romanian, but I translated it. If you desire I can publish it in Romanian as well. I hope you guys love it as much as I did when I first read it! It’s a beautiful poem.

This is only the beginning, dad! Thank you for everything!

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I surely can’t wait for it as I started my one-month internship! Hahaha! I’ll #seeyousoon, everyone!

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