Three Days in London – #OnTheRunII Concert

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! For the past month, I think I have been talking and bragging about the Beyonce and Jay Z concert in London – On the Run II. I am going to tell you only this – it was amazing and Beyonce is an actual queen. We’ll talk about this a bit later. I wanted to talk to you in this article about the three days Gabi and I spent in London and how many things you can do in London in a short period of time.

I guess everyone knows that when we say London we say: a huge mass of people from all around the world, a city that is the same size of an actual country and a city that hosts lots of exciting events and activities. So because of this, Gabi and I had to choose the right things in order to fit as many things as possible in little time. Friday was the day of the concert and our first day in London and we wanted to go to the Harry Potter Studios in the morning. It wasn’t possible. Why? The first available tickets for the studio were in August. We were there in mid-June. Everything was occupied and the only available tickets that we found online were super expensive. They were more expensive than our tickets for the concert. So we had to abandon this idea.

London Zoo was our second option and it was one of the best ideas. ZLS London is their Zoo and it’s right in the middle of London which makes it really interesting. It’s a pretty big zoo for London and the best part of all is that they leave the animals free around the zoo. There were some amazing moments in there. For example, each animal had a certain part reversed in the zoo. At the beginning of the visit, we went to the Gorilla area. While we were walking around there, a Gorilla was sitting right above us on a bridge constructed for it and it stopped to be able to look at us. I felt super weird and it seemed like that Gorilla looked inside my soul, directly into my soul. London Zoo is a really good way to spend some time in the city.

Going right into the interesting part, the concert – Jay Z and Beyonce, On the Run II. The first thing I want to say and it’s going to say basically everything is: Beyonce is an actual queen, guys! She is super talented, has an awesome voice and dances magnifically. Jay Z is also super talented, an awesome rapper, but to be honest I enjoyed her part much more. They did an actual show which I enjoyed to the fullest. My favorite parts were when she sang Formation and when they sang their remix of Forever Young. Guys, I cried at that part. It was such a beautiful moment in the entire concert. I do have videos from the concert but you don’t want to see them because you’ll hear my ‘beautiful’ voice over everything. Haha! The concert was so worth it and I encourage everyone to go and see her because she is a true artist.

Our third day in London and our last was also full of activities. We went for a walk through the beautiful Hyde Park where is located the home of Royal Family and was the home of Princess Diana. There are some beautiful gardens out there that are definitely worth to visit. That park is huge and it is really beautiful. After that, we went to the National History Museum. The entry is free, which I find so nice. You can go whenever you want and spend part of your day there. There are some awesome exhibitions about dinosaurs and marine animals. You surely need to check it out.

The last thing we did in London for our short trip was to go to the famous platform 9 3/4, from the famous Harry Potter movies. We wanted to take a picture there but the queue was too long, tho we checked out the little store next to the photo booth. They had loads of things from the Harry Potter movies which made me super excited and really happy. They even had wands guys and they were nicely done. If that kind of madness was at the 9 3/4 platform, I don’t wanna imagine how is going to be at the studios.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I hope you found this article inspiring for organizing a little trip that you may have this summer. Anyway, I am back in Bucharest. Kind of excited. When I say kind of it’s because I feel strange. It’s like… I don’t want to make you hear my crazy thoughts. The idea is that I have expectations, I care and I believe in people, but this is going to stop because it is hurting me and I am done with it, for good! Have an awesome weekend guys, enjoy your summer and I will see you soon!

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