I have always been afraid of storms. The thunder cutting the sky in half and the sounds that nature was making made me shiver. The first time I heard a thunder I was ten years old. I was lying in my bed and I couldn’t grasp the thought what was actually happening. The ceiling of my room was slowly enveloped by light and for the first time in my childhood, I was enjoying the darkness. The moment when the light hit my room, butterflies started to surround my body and I was lifted up in the sky.

Thunder                                                                                                                                                 Storm

On the table next to my bed was a glass of water and the storm going on outside was moving the water inside the glass and that was the moment that changed everything. Power. That is the word that you can use to describe the storm and with a power hard to grasp it opened my window letting into my room hundreds maybe thousands of feelings, thoughts that transformed into flowers. I was lying in my bed and watching how each flower slowly glued itself to a specific spot on my walls. What were they trying to say to me? Each one of the flowers was directing me to the door. It was like my door wanted to show me more, more of the storms secret.

So, I gathered every piece of courage that I have had in my bones and I got out of my bed. I was calculating each step I made in order to feel the coldness of the tiles and I made myself a hot tea once I got in the kitchen. I could feel a presence behind my back, making each vein in my body pump up more blood and sending coolness from the bottom of my spine up to my head. I wondered:: could he be back into my life but once I turned around I saw how the raindrops were touching with anger the windows of my house. It was just me and them. Just me and the storm and I needed to feel it on my skin. 

Thunder                                                                                                                                                 Storm

I went outside. I needed the coldness of the storm to calm the heat of my skin. Once the water hit the ground it transformed into this living creature that moved towards the void. The void that was screaming my name. That was the reason I was always afraid of the storm. It was agitating me, it was welcoming me but not into a state of calm, into a world that I didn’t want to be a part of it. 

I walked towards the middle of my garden. I felt like even the ground was shaking under my feet because it was afraid, it was burning under the rain. I closed my eyes and a sweet embrace welcomed me. I opened my eyes for a split second and what I have seen made me realize that nature is magical. Truly magical. The lights that were cutting the sky in half threw diamonds into my shaking hands and near my bare feet. I let them fall and I became one with the thunder, one with the storm. 

Thunder                                                                                                                                                 Storm

This story was inspired by the time I was back in Canterbury and my friends and I were in the garden when a storm started. It was such an intense moment to see the thunder right above my head so I wanted to write about it. It’s true, I am afraid of storms and thunders. Haha! I am back in Bucharest again. I have been in London for three days for the On the Run II concert and of course, I am preparing an exciting article about this mini vacation. So get ready for a trip to London. I hope you guys enjoyed this little story and I will #seeyousoon!


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