I look at her in the mirror

Is that me?

I look at her once again and

I undress her, slowly, with my eyes

till the only thing I could see was….

her Skeleton.

Just think!

His other love… right in front of me!

Light a cigarette!

Her heart was rotten piece,

but now it’s a beautiful, pure red rose.

She had confetti under her eyes.

Her fingers were made of diamonds.


Did I finally kill her?

Am I loosing myself in her?

I look in the mirror!

I see myself.

Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Today, the new article for Poets & Poetry is a poem by me. I was so focused on getting poems for you by others that I completely forgot that I wrote a few poems. Talking about getting poets with my friends, they said: oh, why don’t you publish one of your own poems? I was like: I can do that. So here it is! One of my poems.

Should I say something about myself as I do with all my other poets? Let’s do it! AlexJo or Ioana Alexandra Popescu is a student at the University of Kent, studying English, American Literature and Creative Writing. She is focused more on writing short stories and fiction. That’s it I guess. I don’t know what to say more about myself. I don’t consider myself a poet. This it’s definitely not an amazing poem, but I am really proud of it and how it turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed my poem and I will #seeyousoon!

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