The Present

Pearls were slowly dropping from the sky above. I could feel them softly touching my skin. My new high-heels were surrounded by tiny little pearls and I wondered how was this even possible? My father always does it over the top. I parked my car in the location indicated by the security at the house and I started walking towards the party. This was one of the places where I didn’t even want to be. I had to be here. In the back of my mind, I knew that this was for a good cause. What was the cause? My trust fund and my entire career.

I could sense the vibrations from the garden party coming towards me. I could feel the eyes turning towards me the moment I stepped foot in that place. Maybe this was actually the time my father was going to acknowledge all the things I did for the company and give me the thing I wanted most: power!

‘Allegra? My dearest. I haven’t seen you in ages. Where have you been all this time?’

Auntie Shellie. Oh… This was the last person I wanted to see at my nomination party. Wait? Why would auntie Shellie be at a party where my father gives me a better position in the company?

‘Auntie Shellie! I am so happy to see you here! How you’ve been?’ I said smiling in the best way possible. Auntie Shellie was my father’s cousin. I’ve basically seen her only at family parties. My mother and she have never got on together. You are probably wondering why my name is Allegra then? I am half Italian half American. It means cheerful and lively in Italian, but I have no time for that. Before auntie Shellie could answer, I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. My father…

Allegra! I am so happy that you’ve made it. How was your trip from France?’

‘Father! Good! I was excited to travel back home for this mysterious event. What is this all about?’ I could already sense the excitement. I could already see my name on the doors of the company. As my father was guiding me through the crowd present there, I analyzed the decorations. There were balloons and stuffed animals everywhere. Little baby blue and pink pearls were sprinkled all over the grass and then I saw her. Pregnant…

‘We are having a baby, Allegra! You are going to be a big sister!’

I couldn’t grasp the thing he said. Baby… I don’t understand that word and I completely deny it. ‘You’re doing what? Am I going to be a what?’ As I was looking at him with doubtful eyes, my step-mother was coming towards us. ‘Allegra! Amore mio, hai sentito la buona notizia?’ Is she trying to speak to me in Italian? Is she crazy? ‘I am so happy that you are here with us today!’

‘Couldn’t say the same thing! I thought this was a business thing, not that you’ll bring a baby in this family. I thought this was about the company.’ To the hell with this party then.

‘It a present for your birthday that is coming soon!’ Present? Is he actually crazy? I was looking closely at my step mother’s belly and my face was approaching the womb. Why are you here, little baby? This wasn’t supposed to be your time. This was supposed to be my party! And then I heard it and my heart stopped for a few seconds. Are you sure?

Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! Today I prepared for you a new short step into fiction article. Initially, I wrote a really sad story in my opinion and to be honest I didn’t know where it came from and I decided that it was not worth it to publish it here. I am officially done with exams. Summer of 2018 I am ready! I want this summer to be super fun and I want to do lost of exciting stuff and mostly traveling. The second year of university is officially over!

I hope you like it guys and I will #seeyousoon!

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