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Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! At the end of this week, I will have the first exam of my second year of University. This past few weeks have been wakening if I can say. I don’t even know how to explain this, to be honest, but I guess this word describes my past few weeks in the best way. Because everything in this world and in our everyday activities inspires ous, I want to show you today the Instagram accounts that are my all-time inspiration.

Social media is a big part of our everyday activities. I will confess! Instagram is my favorite app. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and I have found some amazing accounts that provide me with inspiration continuously in various manners. To be honest, I follow a lot of fashion accounts on Instagram because they provide me with a lot of ideas from their outfits and photographs.

@alinaceusan – Alina is one of the best Romanian fashion bloggers and her Instagram is totally a source of inspiration for me. She takes cool picture and her style is really different than mine and I guess this is one thing that makes me want to visit her page over and over again. Her style is super edgy and cool and I feel like I could never wear her clothes and have the same interesting vibe that she has. Check her account out, guys. I promise it’s a really great Instagram account.

@chiaraferragni – Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion blogger based both in Milan and in Los Angeles. I discovered her while looking at the Vogue Youtube account. To be honest she is an inspiration because she has awesome photos on Instagram but also her story is an inspiration. She started her blog out of a passion for fashion and it became an amazing business. Her blog is read by lots of people and it has been a study case at Harvard. Do check her out, you’ll love her Instagram!

@carolinenehring – Her feed is total goals! Caroline is a fashion blogger from Copenhagen, Denmark that provides this world with amazing photos. All her content is in grey, white, black and neutral colors which I think is absolutely amazing. Believe me, guys, to have such an organized Instagram feed it’s pretty hard. Do check her account because you won’t be sorry about it! Also, she has two little children who are so cute!

@monalogue –  Changing things a bit with accounts of photographers. @Monalogue it’s my favorite Instagram account at the moment because her photos are totally bringing me life. She is a photographer based in England I think. There is no precise information about this, but from her location above the photos that is what I thought about- England. Anyway, not important. The important stuff is that she takes the cutest photos of the most amazing places in England and Wales and also Scotland. Check her account guys because you will fall in love!

@eclectic_shotz – Eclectic Shotz is an Instagram page that works as a curator. What do I mean by that? They find amazing photographers and photos posted all over the internet and they re-post it, tagging the photographer. So, this is a great way to find other sources of inspiration and also have a diverse account from where to pick your favorite photos. The photos on this page are mostly with nature and landscapes and traveling.

Other accounts that I love and I feel like you should definitely check out are: @timetothewild, @denissaungureaunu, @ioanagrama, @karii_kb, @fabiooliveira, @rusticbones

These are the accounts that I feel like are the ones which can provide you with continuous inspiration. They offer me continuous sources of inspiration just by looking at some photos. There are plenty of other Instagram accounts that I follow and love. Do check them out, guys! Also, do check my Instagram account and the blog’s Instagram account where you can find the latest photos and keep updated to #alexjostories! I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I’ll #seeyousoon!

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