Click! Click! Click!

Click! Click! Click! And your black eyes were showing from behind the camera. She smiled seeing all this happen because you were the first one to see something different in her. She inspired you and for a split second, she became your muse. She nodded her head and move on with her life. You left in the search for another inspiration, for another smile, for another Venus.

Click! Click! Click! This time: flashing lights, important people, glamorous minutes were passing by and you found more than one muse. The lights were slowly going down and the music was louder. There was a sweet shift in the atmosphere and from a formal dinner, all of it changed into a garden party with friends. Your favorite sound started to be heard more and more often. Suddenly you saw her again. You clicked the red button and woke up on a Sunday morning with the most beautiful snowstorm you have ever seen.

Click! Click! Click! She saw you laying there. You were slowly touching the blades like a creator was slowly touching his sculpture. The light was perfectly kissing the waves of the lake. She wanted to greet you and introduce herself, but you decided to listen to the harsh yet sweet sounds of the guitar in your headphones. You transcended into the world of the singer. That world that he unveiled for you. The bottles of champagne were popping and the fireworks started right in the second you arrived. Bass, guitar and the strong voice of the singer were surrounding your body. They were wrapping your human soul in the spots they created. Back to reality, because you see her reading the book of your childhood. Click! There it was! Venus spotted again on the streets of London. She was once again your muse.

Click! Click! Click! The soft touch of the couch was wrapping you. The loudspeakers placed around the corners of your room made the biblical songs you were constantly searching for. Flowers around the house were transforming into her. You saw her right in front of you, formed out of red cherry roses and white lilies. You rose up from the couch, wanting to touch her, wanting to take another picture of her. Venus was once again in front of you. You never thought of her becoming your one and only muse. The moment when you put your fingers on your camera, it transformed into galantine. You desperately placing your hands on it but you couldn’t grab it. Before you could figure it out, she was gone.

Click! Click! Click! You decided to take a break. So you went for a walk. You saw the entrance of a hospital and you wanted to capture the truest and most emotional humans. There were the ones that suffered and were in pain and there were the ones that were in pain for the ones that physically suffered. You took your camera out of your bag and you went inside. You were walking through the long hallways of the hospital. Neon lights were slowly turning on while you were walking further. Stop right there! A mother just gave birth to her first child. She is crying, but you don’t know if it’s happiness or if she is terrified of the future. Click! That was it. Another candid portrait of Madonna and her child. Walk on now! It’s time to go. Step 1, step 2, step 3 and you hear the most terrible cry of all times. A woman just lost her son. Step 1, step 2, step 3 and you see your Venus for the last time because she is laying in a hospital bed. She is dying and you don’t know her name. You will never know her name, but you will always have her photograph.

Hello everyone and welcome back to Alexjostories! Today’s story was inspired by muses, by inspirations of all kind and by the strongest feeling of all: love. I thought of photographers and how they find their inspiration through day to day events. I hope you guys enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. I thought of choosing a different style and start each paragraph the same. Enjoy this article, guys! I’ll #seeyousoon!



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