Launch Party: Poets & Poetry

IT’S-A LAUNCH PARTY TODAY AT #ALEXJOSTORIES! Because I want this blog to become better and better each day and because I want it to be focused on certain subjects I decided to launch a brand new category – Poets & Poetry. Unexpectedly, I am really excited about this. I am going to be completely honest with you and I am going to admit the fact that I don’t really enjoy poetry. However, this blog is a place that makes me want to experiment more and get out of my comfort zone, so I am going to try my best and write poetry.

I believe I haven’t found my specific area of focus until this point, but I don’t want to settle for anything. Us, as writers need to experiment as much as we can, in my opinion. Who knows what might come out, right? This is a category for the forever dreamers that enjoy the sweet and minimalist style of poetry. That is how I feel about it. I have decided to create this category in order to push myself further into this world and make myself write more poetry. I will post my poems. I need to exercise in order to see if it is really not for me or if it is still hidden.

This is also a category for all aspiring poets. If you guys have written poems and you would like to send it to me, I would be so happy to look at them. Every poem that you guys want to send to me and it is a really good poem I will post it right here on the blog #alexjostories. You can find one of my poems that I loved writing RIGHT HERE! – Vodka from the Theatre!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am regarding this new project and hopefully it will turn out as good as I want! I will #seeyousoon!

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