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Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! This past two-three months I didn’t have the chance to travel anywhere new so I decided to give you a glimpse of my hometown – Bucharest. So, today I want to present to you the beautiful and interesting parts of my amazing town. There are many concepts and ideas about Bucharest and Romania that are not entirely positive, but I will present you another view of my city. The moment you set foot in Bucharest, you will probably wonder what are the hidden jewels of the city.

Tea House – Cotroceni Bucharest

Every time I go back to Bucharest for winter holiday or summer holiday, I drive on Victory Avenue (Calea Victoriei). For me, that is the most beautiful street in the whole city. You should definitely visit Bucharest in spring. It is the best season that you could choose. What do I like to do most in a day in my hometown? I love to have night rides with my friends in one of our cars and drive everywhere around the city. That is the way I discovered the hidden parts of Bucharest. Such as Morii Lake which is a nice like in Western Bucharest. I have never known about it until one night Gabi and I were driving around town and Gabi showed it to me. If you visited everything in town, you should check it out for sure. Have a drink there, when the sun is coming down. You’ll enjoy it!


Top Things to do in Bucharest (Sightseeing style)

  1. Have a walk in Herastrau Park – Herastrau is one of the biggest parks in Bucharest. A walk in Herastrau on a sunny spring day is the best thing to do while you visit the city. You could have lunch at one of the restaurants near the lake or you could hire a boat and go punting.
  2. Have a night out in the Old City – Bucharest is known for having the best night lives ever. The Old City is the place to go. You can find there amazing pubs and clubs. Some of them are really cheap. You will have the best time there and you will never regret it! Trust me!
  3. Visit the National Library – I will be honest with you, but I have never been in the National
    Sightseeing Bucharest

    Library. So, when you come to Bucharest and decide to visit the library, call me. We’ll go together!

  4. Have a walk from Victory Square to Unirii Square -This is the center of Bucharest. If you have a walk from Victory Square to Unirii Square you can visit a lot of our museum and historical places. At the end of the walk, you can visit the Palace of Parliament (and the Ceausescu Mansion – It is not in the same place as the Palace of Parliament, but it is worth visiting because you will find out more about the communist era and the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu). On your walk to Unirii Square, you should visit the National Museum of Art. It is situated in the Royal Palace, a beautiful building which holds astonishing paintings.
  5. Mogosoaia Palace – I have been to Mogosoaia Palace when I was a little girl at a wedding, but I remember some images from that moment and I remember it was beautiful. So, if you want to have a walk through the gardens of the palace and inside it, go visit Mogosoaia Palace. I really want to visit it this spring.
Herastrau Park

My advice! Well, Bucharest in my view it’s beautiful and it’s completely different from other European Capitals. When you come to Romania you should definitely go to other places as well such as Cluj, Brasov, Iasi, Sighisoara and on Transfagarasan. Romania is an astonishing and amazing country. As other countries, it does have some negative aspects, but trust me you will never regret visiting it. I encourage everyone to visit Romania. There are many hidden gems that people haven’t discovered yet. Us, Romanians need to appreciate this country more because it is worth it.

Thank you guys for taking part in this journey with me. I miss Bucharest and I can’t wait to go back this spring and maybe show you guys even more of my city. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I will #seeyousoon!


This is Bucharest! Enjoy and for all Instagram photographers for sharing all these beautiful photos of my hometown. 

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