Jungle Trips

You could feel the pink silky texture touching your naked legs. The air was coming inside faster and faster as you were pressing the gas pedal. The car was moving rapidly on the roads, through the vast jungle, but suddenly you decided to stop. So, I decided to welcome you back here. I felt like it wasn’t your first time there. I felt like your soul is partly made of the jungle elements. BREATH! Do you feel it? It’s called purity. The city has changed you since we last encountered each other. You are more awake. Less of an animal, more of a HUMAN.

You got out of the car in the plain untouched jungle. It was yours. You were the one that owned it. Raindrops were slowly touching your warm body and you started to embrace the shiver. There! Do you see it? It’s that animal that you used to admire once. The animal that you desired to become. Look him in the eyes! I am asking this once again. Do you see it? It’s called freedom, something you won’t experience anymore in that damned city. I remember the moment you left us. You decided it was better for you to feel that horrible asphalt, meet those egoist humans that will never feel the jungle’s emotions and experiences. They will never have the jungle in their soul like you did. I haven’t seen you in a long time, but I bet you have changed into them.

The Storm


The Daylight



I see your face around the corner and I analyze your sweet face. I look closer at your face. You look old and stuffed with worries that strangle you. Why did you come back here? I don’t want to feel your dark emotions surrounding the wilderness that lies around these places. Go back! Go back to your damn city with infinite possibilities. That city that breaths through the holes in the pavement. I looked at the way your legs were touching the grass. They weren’t doing the same sound. I saw that you were afraid of making any kind of interactions with the nature surrounding you. Why?

‘Hello, dear old friend!’ I told you. ‘You look interesting. I have never seen the human of the city in my jungle. This is another world that chooses his citizens. There is no place for people like you. You betrayed my trust and I don’t know if I can welcome you back in this beautiful place.’

I am back and I can’t wait to explore again all the hidden part of the jungle. This is the place that made me the person I am today. I embrace the green vibes surrounding my body while I turn the music even louder. I grew up in this place and when I left, I changed. I opened the door of my car and my bare feet touched the untouched jungle floor. It all came back to me. The running between the infinite trees. The music that was slowly moving the rays of sunshine between the leaves. This will never change!

Hello, guys and welcome back to #alexjostories! I wish that with this article all of us managed to travel in the heart of the jungle. I personally am more of a city person so I wanted to experience something different with my writing. I thought that my articles are 90% focused on the urban imagery. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. I need to be honest and say that I struggled with writing this. Have an awesome weekend, everyone and I will #seeyousoon!

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