White walls, flowers perfectly placed in vases, little toys which were supposed to entertain ‘the crazy ones’ and two hospital beds placed in the corners of the room. On a small bed with white sheets was a writer which constantly asked himself how he got in this place. Opposite him, a guy in a pink overalls. He was hiding in a corner of a room, crying. Adam tried to ignore him at first. After hours of trying to sleep with the guy in the corner crying and crying, Adam stood up and sat next to him.

‘Hey buddy! Are you alright?’ said Adam trying to pat his shoulders.

The man stopped crying and suddenly looked at Adam with worried eyes.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Me?’ wondered Adam after hearing his question, ‘I need to be here in order to get better. Why are you crying? Did something happen?’

‘I lost my mother. She’s there in the big supermarket and I lost her. I need to find my mommy.’

Adam couldn’t understand a word the guy was saying. Both of them were in a small room, in an asylyum and his roommate was talking about a supermarket. The guy was around thirty years old. He took the man’s hand and guided him to his bed.

‘Sit here.You should get some rest, buddy.’

‘But my mommy… I lost my mommy. Could you help me find her?’

Adam sat on his bed and tried to go to sleep. He believed the man would calm himself once he was laying in bed, but it didn’t happen that way. The man in a pink overalls got up near the window and started speaking to a nurse or someone.

‘Miss, I am sorry. Can you help me find my mommy?’

Adam heared the answer of the girl. It was Francis… She was talking to his roommate.

‘Yes. Of course. What does your mommy look like?’

Adam stood up instantly, got near the man and asked him: ‘Who are you talking to?’

The man turned his head slowly, looked at Adam and slowly whispered: ‘This girl with purple eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.’

Hearing those words, Adam suddenly bound near the white walls. He was talking to Francis. He could see Francis, but Adam could only hear her.

‘Hey! Buddy!’ said Adam getting closer to the man again. He was determinate to find out what he was seeing and how it was possible for him to see Francis. ‘What are you seeing? What is going on in there?’

‘It’s a lady. She will help me find my mommy. My mommy was hanging from the ceiling when we got back from the supermarket. She was dressed in a pink dressing gown. I cried when I saw my mommy. Everyone is dressed in pink overalls in this supermarket. Everything in the supermarket is turning pink and white. The exact same colours my mommy had when she was hanging from the ceiling. The purple lady tells me she found my mommy. I will go with my mommy. My mommy will get me to sleep. I wanna sleep with my mommy next to me.’

Adam looked at the man. He walked to the middle of the room and started shouting.

‘You are not real! This can’t be happening! You got me into this mess and all of them think I am crazy! I AM NOT CRAZY! GO AWAY!’

The door of the hospital room hit the wall and two doctors came in. They held Adam and his roommate down while inserting medicine in their arms. The doctor set both of them on their beds. The lost man in a pink overalls and the suffering writer fell into a divine sleep.

Hello guys and welcome back to #alexjostories! This week wasn’t so interesting besides the fact that I have been working on a essay for my literature module. One deadline down, three to go! It’s part of a longer project called ‘The unwritten story of an English writer’, which was my deadline for last term’s module. This story is about a young man called Adam, struggling with writing after his best friends death. The people around him think that he lost his mind and decide to hospitalise him in a hospital for people with mental health issues. I hope you guys liked it and I will #seeyousoon!

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