The Owner

Close your eyes! Close them! DO IT AS I SAY, DAMN IT!

Can you see it?  I know you can, but you are too afraid to admit it. Who owns it? Must be the devil, for it has the deepest and brightest shade of red I have ever seen.

Shiver? I bet you are shivering because it is touching you. Slowly, gently, like the lips of the one you love. Are your eyes still closed? Those bars transcend into another dimension while the smoke changes its appearance. Sounds are surrounding you. Murmur coming animals. Is the snake coming towards you? A black snake. You can feel his sly skin on the palms of your hands.

Shit! He is gone and you can feel him adhering to your back. Nude… He is completely naked, having the audacity to want more from you. You feel it. Inside. Deep down, you want to see his face. Turn around then! Get closer to his face, touch his legs while leaning towards him. You can barely feel his lips, but you feel the burn from inside out.

Look down now! As you move your eyes from him, you see the black entity that is developing right under your feet. He is dominating you right? I am not talking about him. I am talking about the black void. Transcend to another dimension. Leave your body and have the courage to enter the black void. Did I say black? No. I want you! I want you and I want you to remember this: I OWN YOU! You are mine, but I am not yours.

What did I tell you before? You need to make some connections in your mind to understand.




Sounds of nature while you look at them making love under the moonlight.

Who are we fooling? There is no such thing as making love. You are my property. You won’t touch him or his soul ever again. I gave you a glimpse of what you could have, so sign the contract with me, poor human soul. Let me show you more of what I know. Look at both of your hands. Glue them together in your mind while a sweet scent of perfume floods the stadium where you are right now. The milk made by flowers invades the exact chair you sit on. You can feel that milk getting you wet. No! Don’t move! Don’t be afraid! What did I teach you? Transcend… Be a bee travelling from a flower to another, but your flowers are dead.

Look at me! Open those beautiful violet eyes! I knew why I chose you. Why did you choose me? I sit on the magenta leather couch with a crystal glass in my hand while you wave around the musical sounds. The beautiful biblical melody the cleric sings. You seem lost in that rhythm. I love how the sonic waves pass by your sweet little body in the hunting process.

Sing here please!

I showed you what being by my side means. I showed you the devil’s eyes; you are able to wear around your neck at all times. Be careful, though, my sweet child, I don’t play games that don’t benefit me.


Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! This a story it came out of nowhere. I wasn’t thinking of something specific, I wasn’t feeling anything actually, I just made it. Towards the end it signified the moment you sign a deal with the ‘devil’. You can chose whatever devil you want. I am sorry for the absence of the article I was supposed to publish, but I wasn’t able to put together an article good enough in order to publish it on the blog. I hope you guys enjoy this article and I will #seeyousoon!


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