My experience with writer’s block

Hello, hello, hello everyone and welcome back to AlexJo Stories! Today I want to talk to you about writer’s block and how you can deal with it. Because I want to dedicate this category to aspiring authors and I want to write as often as possible here in order to give you advice that will help and why not develop your skills as a writer, I wanted to start with writer’s block. The writer’s block is something that absolutely each and every one of the people that want to write, experience.

I will tell you about my experience with writer’s block because I think that sometimes hearing someone’s experience is better than giving you exact pieces of advice. So, the first time I experienced writer’s block was a few years ago when I couldn’t write anything. I was sitting at my desk with my Word open and I would sit there for hours without writing anything. The first time when this happened to me, I panicked a little bit because my initial thought was: what am I am going to do now? This was the first time writer’s block occurred and it lasted a couple of months.


The second time I dealt with writer’s block was after a few weeks at University. I came here and I expected to be on my A game and bring new content almost every day. That didn’t happen. My teacher wanted us every week to bring something to the class written by us and I was struggling most of the times because I guess I was transitioning from a let’s say childhood way of writing to a more mature one.

A list of things that might help you with writer’s block

  1. Read! Read as much as you can! – Reading helps you a lot because you expend your views. You will see different approaches on different subjects. You will see different ways of writing and different ways of constructing a plot.
  2. Observe and analyze the people around you. – I once went to this shop and part of their logo was this sentence: Happily, all of us are different! And that couldn’t be truer. That is why I encourage all of you to talk to people, hear their stories, look at them and at their behavior. You never know what that girl in the corner of your class might have to say that might inspire you.  
  3. Search images, look at some photos, search for photographers online. – The visuals help you a lot! Because you see different images, different sceneries, you start to imagine certain characters and plots. You can see how much it influences a certain story the images that are on the sides of the article. Sometimes it is better to use photographs only for your creative process.
  4. Movies! – Movies are constructed basically from images and plot. If you watch all kind of movie genres you will understand how you can approach the same subject but in completely different ways. Also, a movie is a great source of inspiration.
  5. Music! – Music is also a great way to get inspiration once you encounter writer’s block. I always find some inspiration there. For example, my article Virgin Mary and the Wolves’ was inspired by Kanye West’s song Wolves. You should definitely listen to that song and read my article and you’ll see what I am talking about. 
  6. Don’t panic! – You do have the necessary creativity inside you to create great content that will inspire others! Once you discovered the unlimited bounds of writing, you will achieve great things.

Writer’s block is something normal, guys! You just need to look for ways to be inspired and some of the ones I mentioned above are really helpful. My advice for you is when you find something inspiring try not to copy it! Take some parts that you liked from that and make it your own. You will find the most inspiring, things that happen to you in your daily life. After all, everything that we write is inspired by our everyday lives which makes our short stories or novels much more special.

I hope this will help every aspiring author out there. I hope you will aim for the highest point there is in your writing. You can change the world with it and never listen to people that will tell you that you won’t make it because you will. Just believe in yourself. I will try and make the best articles with the best subjects in order to help you guys! I will #seeyousoon. The best is yet to come!






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