Places I wanna visit

New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Bangkok. These are some of the cities I wanna visit in the next four-five years or even earlier. In this ‘Me, Myself and I’ category I want to focus on the things that I want to achieve in the next years and also my wildest dreams. So, let me start with a little story. I was born in Romania and until the age of 19, I lived in Bucharest. Almost two years ago I moved to the United Kingdom more exactly to Canterbury. I had the opportunity to visit a lot of European countries with my parents throughout the years, but these four places are my goals regarding traveling.

New York, United States

I mean… I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s simply New York. The lights, the noise, the people, the craziness. Everything that defines New York makes me wanna visit it as soon as possible. The other day I read this text for my literature seminar. It was called ‘The Colossus New York’ by Colson Whitehead and the way he wrote about New York was absolutely amazing. He said that you experience a different New York City every single day. You never go to the same place and find the exact same things that you saw the last time you went. It’s the city that never dies. It’s the city that never sleeps. I wanna experience all of the things that New York offers. From the tall breath-taking buildings to the crowded subway that gets you from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Los Angeles, United States

L.A., L.A., L.A., – The city of lost dreams. Everyone goes to L.A. with the thought of breaking the market and become the next big thing in the music or film industry. I want to see L.A. for the first time as a tourist and the next thing will be me, moving there eventually if I will like it. I wanna go and lay on the beach while enjoying the beautiful Californian sun. I want to see all the film studios. I want to enjoy all the fun and crazy activities that lay between the heated streets of Los Angeles. A walk on Rodeo Drive or a tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame seeing all the stars on a typical sunny American day.

Hong Kong

Well, now we are moving to the other part of the world. Hong Kong is the third city I really want to visit soon. Almost ten years ago, my father had the opportunity to go and visit Hong Kong. He described everything that he experienced there as ‘another world that you wouldn’t ever think of’. My first experience with other cultures happened last year when I came to University and I realized that Asia is a lot different than I expected it to be. I want to go to Hong Kong because I want to see if I would be able to fit into another culture and actually enjoy it to the best of my abilities. I also want to see all those aspects such as temples, specific Chinese food and why not the language.

Bangkok, Thailand

Those beautiful images of Thailand made me wanna dream about my trip there. I think Thailand is such a beautiful place to visit because it has everything you desire. It looks just like paradise on earth. The temples that are surrounded by the vivid colors of the landscape. The rich amount of nature surrounded by the high rocks that complete the imagery of Thailand makes it truly special. I can’t wait to see all of those parts. Also, I heard that there they organize special activities to experience in depth the culture of Thailand.

Hello, world and welcome back to #AlexJoStories! I hope that you like this article and you traveled with me around the world just by reading this. What are the next places you want to visit? These four options are one of my wildest dreams which I hope I can accomplish soon enough. Have a lovely week start, guys and I will see you Wednesday! #seeyousoon!

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