Where? We are going to Amsterdam

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a new post about the crazy trip we had to Amsterdam. In Bucharest, it is really hot. Too hot for me and I feel like I am melting. Because I guess a lot of you dream about a vacation, this is a post about Amsterdam. So, where do I start? Around January or February, Gabi and I decided to go to Amsterdam. All started because my dear, dear friend Miruna lives in Amsterdam and I was like: well, why shouldn’t we go to Miruna and also to Mihaela, another friend of mine that lives in Tilburg in the Netherlands and have this crazy trip after our spring term ends.

19125525_1526459854062438_1544789818_oI have been to Amsterdam before with my parents and my sister. It has been interesting but this time was a different kind of vacation. It was so much fun. We didn’t have certain places in mind to go to. We didn’t visit museums so we walked around the city and saw a lot of beautiful and interesting places that I personally didn’t see when I went with my parents. It was the first trip I had with Gabi and it was the first time I went to Miruna’s home in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and at the same time really really crazy. Let me tell you about this one time we went to a park and there was a guy that had a lamp beside him in the park. Walking a little bit more through the park there was this other guy with a piano in the middle of the pathway and he was playing some song. I was like: you never see this in the Romanian parks, for sure. Amsterdam is a city that has everything. Do you want to see a variety of people or unusual things? Go to the Netherlands, in Amsterdam.

We enjoyed walking in the warm weather around town, we went with 19197718_1526459804062443_2039775779_oa cruise on the canals and I loved it. The driver of the boat was fun. After spending 5 days in Amsterdam and enjoying ourselves, we took the train and went in the south, in Tilburg. Tilburg is very much alike Canterbury. It is a small city, full of students. I feel like the smaller cities bring the student life is more intense. I felt the actual student life in Tilburg because there were students everywhere, but Amsterdam is Amsterdam. A big city will always be my favorite. We went to a club and then we walked around the city. We ate a really good ice-cream.

On our last day in the Netherlands, we went to Keukenhof. Keukenhof is an awesome place where you can find lots and lots of tulips of all kinds. Also, there is all kind of flowers and trees that are absolutely beautiful. I loved it! I will leave here some photos that I took in this trip and hopefully you will like it.

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