Vodka from the Theatre

I promised you that once I finished my Poetry course I would publish every poem I have been working on for the past months. I have to admit that it has been a struggle to write poetry and I can bet that my teacher didn’t enjoy the type of poetry I wrote but I am really proud of the things I produced taking into consideration that I have never written poetry before. This poem is my favourite poem of all that I wrote. I, Gabi and Razvan went to the theatre here in Canterbury and our seats were in the last row. I was in the middle. My seat was exactly the seat in the middle. The way I felt when the whole room applauded the actors and the way it felt from that exact seat turned into this beautiful poem. I wondered how would it be if I would feel those exact feeling in my last moments of living and I wrote this poem from the perspective of an old lady that dies in her seat at the theatre with a glass of vodka in her hands showing that she is a strong lady ready to exit the stage.

I went to the theatre,

in a black velvet dress…10983406_10153031299871011_3545602315019362655_n7102573382015-11-05-11-28[]

My seat was on the last row





With my glass of vodka in my hand, I looked around

Nobody was there…

On the stage?

A black robe hanging from the ceiling.

My skin was slowly falling.




I looked at my fingers…

There wasn’t anything left.




I wanted to leave,

but I couldn’t.

I wanted to move,

but I couldn’t.

I was stuck.

I was stuck with that black robe in front of me.


This is the end,18644410_1543289332372653_1979347869_n (1)

and on my chair,

all that was left



    glass of Vodka!

I hope you guys enjoyed this poem and I’ll #seeyousoon!


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