Virgin Mary looking at the Wolves

How would you feel if you could paint the streets in the colours that you love and hate at the same time? How would you feel if you were in the middle of nowhere and there were just wolves surrounding you with blue icy eyes?

The moment you lay down on that empty cold street the blood runs away from your body and those icy blue eyes that the wolves have turn into addictive musical sounds. I look at you and all you can do is look at the ground and fall asleep like you were just a child. I could take care of you. Isn’t that all that we want? 

You are free! Your mind is free! And you raise from the ground into the thin air. Were you lost? I guess so, but now I have found myself through this event. 

But I found you and I loved every part of you. Animals, screams and addiction. Drugs… and then your scared voice transformed into a beautiful song of an angel. I looked at you deeper, I wanted you to tell me more. I guess there was nothing more to tell then just: Leave! 

I left my apartment open, waiting for you to come back to me. The wolves you were talking about started to surround me. I hoped that you would come back to me and smile and maybe… save me! Dissaperence… I went to the church. Not because I wanted help from Jesus but because I wanted to hear that sweet biblical song once again. Virgin Mary was there and she told me that you were on the run, but you felt free after years of being domesticated. Were you one of those wolves?

I became so frustrated and sad that you left. I just wanted you to know that I loved more than everything, but I guess you didn’t care. 

I started to go out, with those wolves behind my back at every step I took. The diamond from my shoe dropped in the gas station. I turned around looked at it and I saw how the wolves took it. They took that last diamond away from me. It was for the best, it changed me. It helped them and  they were transforming into a beautiful piece of art. Animals turned into art. Animals in the society. I being into this mess. Fit into society. How can I do that after everything that you did? 

Ghosts… Is this the future? An empty town full of unresolved businesses and that’s how I went again to the church. This time I was dressed with my other body. Laced up with my black underwear. Nothing happened… Virgin Mary judged me so I went back home. I looked at her one last time and I told her that she isn’t more beautiful or more elegant or more of a woman then I am. She loved that black lace. 

My day ended with one bottle of red wine down and with hundreds of thoughts about everything that I have to do regarding myself. 

I was on the balcony of my apartment, looking at that empty bottle of wine. I looked over the edge of the balcony and I saw you next to the wolves. They looked at me and then they ran away for good with you. I cried. After months of trying to stop, I cried my ass off. Ring! Ring! I opened the door and there you were. I thought I was dreaming. I felt so alone so much time and I felt like nobody was there because you left. Now you came back? I wanted to kill you but deep down I was happy. Happy to see your lovely face and remember the kind of days we used to have. 

Hellooooo everyone! I am writing this from my phone because I don’t have a computer. My computer broke so yes… fun, fun, fun! This was a wierd article to write. Don’t know why. Haha! I hope you like it. It was inspired by Kanye’s West song named ‘Wolves’. Give this song a try and let me know what you think about the connections! 

I’ll #seeyousoon! 

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