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Hello everyone and welcome back to #alexjostories! As the title says today I am going to talk about my favorite city in the whole world – London! Since the first time I have been to London I have completely fallen in love with it. Because we wanted to get out of Canterbury, the past weekend we went for a day to London. It felt the same as the first time.

Firstly, London is the city of all possibilities! In London, you can find whatever you desire from a really cheap Chinese restaurant that serves the best food in the whole wide world to the most expensive store of clothes that is going to leave you broke forever. Haha! It is a true story tho. London is also the most diverse and cosmopolite city of all. If you think you have seen everything possible on planet Earth, you haven’t been on Oxford Street at midday! That is a total nightmare, believe me!Coming from a big city, Bucharest, (well if I compare it to Londo703C701A-5B40-4EAC-9722-D56224167F1An, Bucharest is like a little neighborhood) I love the crowded places and I love the noise of a big city, but in London sometimes this is too much.

Let me tell you about this past weekend! The most exciting things of all were that in the Chinese district5BEE0BEA-0BF0-4729-B499-D43BC24B42CD people were celebrating the Chinese New Year. I have never seen something as interesting as that. They were selling little paper dragons in the middle of the street and people were eating food in the street. The most interesting thing that I saw was a bunch of Chinese men under a dragon made out of fabric dancing and trying to catch something that a guy hanged from a window that was at the first floor. I have some photos but I am not sure you can see really well. As I told you it was really crowded.

We also went to Buckingham Palace and I said: ‘Hello!’ to my dear dear friend Queen Lizzy. Haha! That’s how my Dad and I call her. She is such a  lovely little lady. We saw the changing of the guards which was quite interesting! The highlight of the day was the moment when we ate sushi! I was so happy haha! Brit Museum was on our list as well. I love to write about museums but I am not into visiting them as much lately. I have some photos from the last time we went that I want to share with you.

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I think I will never get tired of London because that city has a vibe. London is like a writer for me. A writer that is always alone and feels lost but at the same time, it is full of these ideas that aren’t connected at all to each other. London is a writer that combines every single element of this earth in a book. This city will offer infinite sources of inspiration and I hope one day when I will be ready, I will move there and write the best novel that I can write.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short trip to London that I have organized.


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