The Quiet that turns into Screams

You walked in that quiet place like it was yours . Your beautiful stiletto shoes are making the only sounds in the immense place that you are going to transform in a few seconds. He follows you. ‘Wherever you go, I go’ he said declaring his love for you. ‘I know’ you said smiling. As you looked at him you knew that you are going to change his life forever. Your relationship is different now, you are more than friends and less than a relationship. He would do anything for you because now he is madly in love with you. You changed! Maybe that is the reason he is here now. both of you were walking in that quite place, ready to turn it into something completely unexpected! He was walking in front of you know. You looked at him and taught: Five years ago you considered me nothing in relation to you and now you would do anything for me. I can even believe that you accepted to do this craziness. 

You stopped for a few seconds, just to think. You lit up a cigarette and then there it was. That person that looked exactly like you but inside is so different. You undressed her with your eyes, but you undressed her until you could see only her skeleton. She had confetti under her eyes and an immense red rose where her heart should have been. Her fingers were made out of diamonds and her brain was art. ‘Are you coming? What happened, love? ‘ he said smiling while you were looking at yourself in the mirror. ‘Yes! Are you ready to this? ‘ you asked him, wishing that he was excited and willing. ‘I waited too much for this. I am ready! Let’s do it! ‘

British museum, one of the most famous places that holds the most amazing pieces of art. You have been here so many times but he is new to this kind of places. I guesstumblr_static_tumblr_static_94xx4yomzjksss0kk88ck8s44_640 that is why this is even more exciting for him them before. You take his hand, pull him closer and kiss him softly. His lips are soft just like you remembered. You want more but you know that it should be enough for now. You get closer to his ear and whisper: ‘Let’s turn this quiet into screams!’

The moment you felt his fingers touching my spine my heart was like a ticking bomb. You started to shiver at the beginning. You told him:’I need to smoke another cigarette.’ You think got closer to the window and you could feel the cold air getting in my lungs at the same time that the poisonous smoke from my cigarette. This is too much for me, you said in the back of my mind. You felt like everything surrounding me was blurred. My heart was pumping and you felt like each part of my heart was transforming into little back wonderful pearls.

Everything happened in seconds! You walked outgiphy of the room almost running because you couldn’t see his face again. Running, that was the only option that you had. The Quiet that you were supposed to transform into Screams, addictive Screams, transformed into deathly, wild, Screams that will haunt you for the rest of your life.


Helloooooooo everyone! Welcome back to #alexjostories! I hope you liked today’s article! I was trying to write this article on Friday and while I was trying to write and nothing would come up to. In my room was really quiet and then I hea

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