AlexJoStories in #2017

What’s up everyone? How are you all doing? I am currently at the mountains with my friends. We came to Bansko, for skiing and we are going to spend New Year’s here. I liked so much the last year’s article ‘AlexJoStories in #2016’ that I have decided to write a new one for this end of the year.

2016 was crazy. I accomplished most of the things I wanted, but the last 5 months were an emotional rollercoaster to be honest. Moving out of the country was a strange experience that I would do it again, but I would do it with my parents moving with me. Hahaha! I a such a baby sometimes. I wish someone would tell you before you go that it’s nothing like you would ever expect. Anyway, one of my ultimate 2016 goals was to go to University and I did it. This year thought me how amazing my parents are, how much I need to appreciate them and I understood how much I love them. Thank you guys for everything! This year was sooo special and amazing because of you!

I looked at last year’s post and I saw that another goal of mine was to meet amazing people. I did it! University showed me the most amazing people ever and I have the opportunity to live alongside people from all around the world that show me new interesting things each day.

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