Searching for you…

The airplane landed back in Los Angeles and there I was back to square one. Levi was right next to me sleeping and I was looking out the airplane window just trying to escape from this nightmare. While I saw my city again up from the sky, I figured out what I shall do.

I was listening to music and Levi woke up.  I looked at him all smiles and I was ready to show him what my new personality is like. He will leave me in a short period of time. He will be running because I am ready to ruin everything for him.

‘B! Are you ready to go back home?’7ee2b96a99e7fe9aad789069627dd7d1

He was unsupportable. I hated  even the way he talked. I was on the verge of screaming but I knew that this will make everything even worst.  The moment we got out of the airport I saw Levi’s old friend waiting for us in Levi’s old Mustang. I got in the car and he had a stupid cocky smile on his face, ready to throw it in my face. Why everything seems even more stupid than when I left LA.

‘Wow B! It’s nice to see you again. You didn’t even say goodbye when you left.’

‘Are you stupid or are you just pretending ?’

He looked at Levi which was staying next to him and said: ‘ She’s tough now! When she left she was a scared little chicken.’ He said and started laughing. Levi didn’t say anything , but I took advantage of the fact that our car was at the stop and I choked him screaming in his ear at the same time: ‘Who is a little chicken now, bitch?’ If Levi didn’t push me back, I would have choked him to death. I hated the guy.

tumblr_static_5fta5ywv36sk0wk8gkow4g000After 3o minutes in the heavy traffic of Los Angeles, I entered that house that I left months ago ready to not come back ever. But here I was once again and I couldn’t believe. I was looking around the house trying to find something that would excite me, but by far there was nothing.

‘You are changed…’ Levi said from behind me.

‘No! I am not! This is who I am and who I always was, but you created this perfect image of me and you were trying to suppress my real personality. This is who I am Levi, not the girl who was staying in this house months fearing you.’

Weeks have passed. I was still in that same house looking away trying to figure out what I shall do to leave this place again and this time never comes back. I simply didn’t know. I tried to escape, but Levi’s stupid friend was always somewhere around the house watching me. I was trying to change till I realized someone else changed way more than I did. Levi…

‘What’ I asked him when he set next to me on the couch.

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‘You can leave me, B! Since you came back I  realized so many things. You aren’t happy and that is because of me. I was so blind when I finally found you. Minutes, hours, weeks, I was searching…. searching for you…  I am the one that has changed now and I ready to let you go.’

Did I leave? I think it is your decision to make. Consider my decision whatever you have wanted me to do . 

Heyyyy, guys! Welcome back to #alexjostories! Have you seen the new pictures from our Facebook page? If not, go check it out immediately and  let me know what you think. I wrote the first part of this story for my creative writing course and I said why wouldn’t I share it with you. This article is the second part which I made it right now. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and if you want to let me know what do you think B must do.

I’ll #seeyousoon! Take care guys and have fun!

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