Minutes, hours, weeks searching….

You know that moment you feel an immense joy inside. The way your skin feels when you are happy. The way your eyes shine when you smile because of that happiness that is coming out of  you in waves. Do you hear the trumpets and the women singing along?

I am walking through the streets of New Orleans in the middle of the night and some beautiful ladies are singing jazz songs at one of the street corners. I have my hair held in with a bandana around my head. I am dressed in a white blouse and some ripped jeans. For the first time in years, I feel the joy that he took away from me. I am happy!

tumblr_mz8jvaoaos1qbyqq6o1_500After five minutes of singing with those wonderful musicians, I thanked them and I planned on going to my hotel but things took another unexpected turn. While I was walking back home on the New Orleans streets, a light struck from the sky and lighted up an old building. I couldn’t stop my curiosity and went inside the building. There was this beautiful entrance, it’s walled being covered with white flowers. The moment I got inside and saw the marvelous pieces of art inside, everything made sense.

‘Hello?! Is anybody here?’ I screamed and I couldn’t feel anybody’s presence.

I lighted up one of my cigarettes and somebody screamed from the upper part of the house: ‘I don’t smoke so don’t smoke in my house!’

I threw my cigarette and I looked around to see where was that male voice coming from. I didn’t want to be intruding, but everything seemed to pull me towards it. After a few seconds, a silhouette appeared in the dark light but I couldn’t figure out who was there and how did he look like. I wasn’t moving, even if I felt attracted to this place, I felt frightened as well.

tumblr_mga951a57d1ra582fo1_500‘This building seemed interesting and I wanted to check this out. I thought that it was abandoned and when I saw this beautiful painting, I couldn’t help but wonder what…’

‘What has this house more to reveal to you!’ said the silhouette which was behind the curtains. I was sure it was a male because of his masculine voice, but the fact that he was hiding from me made it even more exciting.

‘Why don’t you show yourself? I will leave right now if you want me to. I don’t want to be intruding, but I would love to look at this paintings.’When I asked that the silhouette came out in the light and my excitement disappeared in a second.

When I asked that, the silhouette came out in the light and my excitement disappeared in a second.

‘Did you miss me?’

‘Levi… What? What are you doing here?’tumblr_n7a5e9wqn61r1arpmo1_500

Even if I couldn’t bare seeing him again. I left Los Angeles just because of him. I started moving all across America because I was afraid to meet him in the cities I was and after months he found me.

He was coming towards me, trying to get me, but I was going backward. Even if I knew what this meant I was once again in the invisible prison he made for me, I couldn’t move.

‘I came to see you, B!’ while he was speaking to me he was slowly coming towards me. ‘Do you remember when months ago, we were home and we head the best night since we were together and the next morning you left? You left me!’ Levi finished his sentence screaming.

‘Why did you leave, B? Minutes, hours,weeks I have been searching for you and you were having fun all by yourself.’

tumblr_static_7a0d3vev5m04ck4ss80sggw8‘Levi… Please… You know very well why I left. We weren’t working anymore!’

‘We did! Don’t you dare give up on us, B. I hate when you try to ruin us with your insecurities.’ Levi said screaming while he broke one of the vases from the table near him.

‘Let’s go! I don’t want to stay here anymore. Now, that we are back together nothing can break us apart. We are going back to Los Angeles.’ He came to me, got my hand and we started walking towards the entrance of the house.

to be continued….

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