AlexJoStories in #2016

Hello my loves! Are you getting ready for another chapter. I am not a big fan of New Year’s Parties and stuff but it’s interesting to think of it as a new chapter of our lives. It’s so amazing that you can look back and think: Wow, I certainly had an awesome year. 2015 was super cool.

I had an amazing year. I am happier and I am in a really good place right now. I started this blog in 2015 which is one of the best things that happened. I love to write for you. Just knowing that behind other computer screens are people which read my posts is amazing. Thank you, guys! Thank you for letting me share my stories with you. 🙂 Thank you for opening the blog every single day I posted a new article. You are awesome

This year I turned 18 years old. Pretty dope I can say! I was so excited. I went on my first trip all alone- Prague. I realized a lot of things regarding situations and people around me! I developed my personality which I am really proud of. I made great memories with my friends and family. I traveled to new places and discovered lots of new things. I read tones of books and wrote some interesting stories.

I’ll put my top 5 things of 2015:
1.Starting #alexjostories (It first was ioanaapopescu.wordpress then I did
2.My trip to Prague. I absolutely loved each part of it.
3.The fact that University of Kent accepted me. I shall become a student in the UK next year.
4.My 18th birthday.
5.“Writers are the creators of the universe hidden in their mind.”

And lots more!

I hope 2016 will be the best year of my life. I hope it will be a year full of accomplishments.

Let’s write a Bucket List for the next amazing year 2016 :

  1. To take my finals with the biggest grades and get into the university I want.
  2. To have the coolest prom
  3. To move to The UK in autumn
  4. To expand as a writer and as a person
  5. To go to Berlin and maybe to New York.
  6. To write another awesome book and publish it
  7. To make the blog book I was thinking about (I’ll tell you more at the right moment)
  8. To Skydive! I have to do that!!
  9. To find awesome people that will inspire me
  10. To be as happy as I was in 2015 and enjoy life even more

I’ll let the photos speak now and tell my 2015 story. I chose the ones which were really meaningful. I had to chose between tones of photos.






























I hope 2016 brings you everything that you dream of. I hope you’ll have the best time of your lives. I am so glad to have you on this crazy journey with me. #AlexJoStoriesin2016
I’ll #seeyou next year, my loves.

Happy New Year!

Love, AJ!

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